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/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/u/ /b/ for books!
/a/ Ecchi is gud, yall stupid
/burg/ burg
/u/ Red flags
/v/ I'm gonna make my life goal to ruin the Smash Brawl meta
/v/ multiplayer turn based strategy?
/mu/ Share the song you're listening to right now, just for the sake of sharing.
/v/ Tarkov
/d/ Corona-Chan can give me a french kiss anytime.
/u/ Have you stocked up enough masks?
/u/ What's your age and gender?
/u/ My poop is coming
/u/ Im back to these boards
/d/ Games like Sakura Dungeon?
/lain/ What was Systemspace.link?
/tech/ Can someone rip this entire website for me?
/cyb/ Alma,Dana,Sei,Stella,Jill or Dorothy?
/a/ I,Giorno Giovanna,have a dream.
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