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So, 2020 Presidential election
Is political radicalism a virus
Как вам единая Россия?
Moderate gang
Marxists and Socialists
jebać kaczyńskiego
China may be burning bodies in Wuhan, following/correlating a noticable amount of SO2 in the atmosphere.
Everyone infected is getting killed in China
Is there anyone unironically a white supremacist here?
(How) can globalization and nationalism both be a result of capitalism?
Impeachment aftermath
Iowa results?
Germany: The bourgeois democracy shows its true colors
On a scale of 1-10, how screwed is Onision?
make anti-personnell landmines great again!
Chile: a concealed crisis
Chinese Virus: How worried should westerners be?
Some footage from Wuhan showing how things are going the good and the bad
Do you like elon musk?
Why the fuck is jordan peterson hip and cool