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Русские тут? Русские сюда!!
fuck parents who hit their kids to punish them
hit parents who fuck their kids to punish them
What are the best news outlets to keep up with the global situation?
China and Russia are actively spreading false information on COVID-19. Be aware.
Culture is not your friend
American police act like occupying armies. They literally studied their tactics.
Nowadays journalism is bullshit
CHAZ (in Seattle) is over
Seattle's mayor is trying to attempt to disperse CHAZ/CHOP
sometimes i think about how fucked humanity is
Someone Mysteriously Sent Almost $1 Billion in Bitcoin
Aurora police breaks up peaceful Elijah McClain candlelight vigil
Racism meta
White civilization will be saved
Abuse of Power
Keepin /new/ alive since the planet is dying
Are "SJWs" even a real treath?
Why do ppl still believe that Rona's a myth?
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