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/new/ Edward Snowden on Joe Rogan
/d/ How much is your fetish tolerance
/a/ if ur offended by "weeb" you're a weeb
/u/ What's your pronouns?
/a/ Thoughts on No Guns Life?
/new/ Did the Tumblr community spread across the internets?
/u/ Small bar full of depressed drunk people
/mu/ Magic Sword just dropped Lady of Light about a day ago on their YT channel
/u/ Animal info
/new/ What do you think about the crisis in Latin America?
/d/ chopping dicks for free
/u/ Stop being sad like wtf
/u/ /hikikomori/
/u/ Kms or nah?
/u/ Experiences with retard drivers
/u/ Redpill me on joining the Navy.
/cyb/ (AD) Halloween party
/u/ How many actual girls?
/burg/ burg
/mu/ /mu/ writes a soundcloud rap 3 words per post
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