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/new/ Prof Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér: They are leading us towards catastrophe.
/cyb/ Hello hello!!
/cyb/ When was the last time you cried so bad and why?
/d/ I'm a human. AMA.
/cyb/ How's it going?
/u/ i don't like being aggressive online.
/mu/ Stumbled upon this...
/d/ I'm a Lilim. Ask me anything!
/d/ Is it gross to swallow coom
/cyb/ I need advice for hiding a body
/u/ Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
/v/ R6 opinions
/u/ now I'm scared of the virus
/u/ I'm sick (figuratively) of corona-chan..
/cyb/ [VIDEO] Aprl1st.trid
/v/ Pesterquest finale
/burg/ burg
/u/ ????????????????????
/u/ In a perfect world, g/u/rls like me would not exist
/d/ I'm AMA.
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