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/u/ I'm in that state of... something I can't describe.
/cyb/ (Setting) The New Gatewater Hotel, Downtown
/d/ lost my virginity
/u/ The 2017 valentine's post... part 5???
/u/ List of Worst Crimes Against Humanity
/cyb/ SoC's 5.12a patch
/d/ I want my peepee to cry
/v/ Anyone Still Making Physical Copies for PC Games?
/u/ Thread for procastination
/v/ Best game of the last 10 years
/d/ I used to be an... active kid.
/u/ I'm relatively new to /u/
/tech/ i made a to-do app for people with adhd
/d/ public fun
/u/ What is the craziest thing that you done this year?
/a/ Suggest anime to me or die like this board
/u/ Whatever do don't
/v/ sell the fire emblem series to me
/burg/ burg
/u/ i don't find many things very funny
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