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is there any actually good and unique yuri anime?
online drugstore 6tu9f
What are you looking foward this season?
Underrated animes:How many do you know?
Post your MAL
Non-trash harem anime
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I thinking about writing a novel or doing a comic
What exactly are your thoughts about the genre "Ecchi"
2020 Summer Lineup
Kaguya is Over
Jill Fanart that i made
How would your ideal isekai be
What is the worst genre of anime?
Blade Runner anime series gets a release window
Ecchi Debate Thread
Characters that are more powerfull than they seem
Anime/Manga with artstyle like MobPsycho 100?
What animes are you g/u/rls watching?
2020 was totally fine until funimation cancelled interspecies reviewers
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