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/u/ My pet died
/tech/ best Linux distro?
/v/ What's your GOTY so far?
/test/ why do sql just fart out debug logs sometimes
/u/ Next friday my first vacations in 3 years will begin
/a/ I live sex
/u/ Looking for a new brother/sister
/d/ Lilith on Steam
/v/ Is it just me? Or does everybody else play va11halla at night only?
/v/ anyone wants to play tf2
/mu/ Japanese 80's/90's music?
/v/ What about Gamescom 2019
/u/ Can we stop a little?
/u/ I can't believe it
/cyb/ [Radio] Radio Wire 13.75
/burg/ burg
/tech/ How feasible would it be to make an artificial intelligence?
/tech/ Do you like windows?
/test/ fortnite is free fuckface
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