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/d/ Hentai makes me sad.
/d/ what the heck even is sex
/u/ I'm here to expose you :/d/ boards people are /d/ board people
/v/ gamedev: is it a good career?
/mu/ RIP Juice WRLD
/tech/ ITT: we make a C++ program
/a/ moe is my life
/test/ test
/test/ Awoooo
/new/ Don't forget to vote Labour.
/d/ Dicpic
/cyb/ You hear a deep rumble bellow your feet
/v/ Yugioh TCG
/a/ Tekken 7 season 3
/v/ Best videogame charapter to cum on her/him?
/d/ Things you want to cum under
/d/ lost my virginity
/a/ Anime nowadays is shit.
/d/ lost my v-card yesterday
/u/ A Humble Maidpost
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