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/u/ Most people find their other half. And I just have to wake up and accept already that maybe there is no other half.
/cyb/ [Livestream] Fusion Engine Install
/v/ favorite fortnite emote
/u/ Snipping Tool
/d/ can /d/ stop going to /u/
/u/ AmIrite?
/tech/ Oh yeah, archive the posts like this shit hole is active.
/u/ Moving to Japan
/u/ What's a good fundraising platform for philanthropic causes
/cyb/ My Flooded District Pumpkin Patch
/mu/ Chaotic Aesthetic
/test/ Yeet
/u/ MTG
/d/ Have any of you ever jerk off to a porn?
/mu/ danger/u/ music awards 2019
/u/ I just met the Cake Man
/u/ Why is sleeping exhausting
/d/ ÙwÚ
/u/ I've been keeping a running count of how many times I stare at this specific man's ass
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