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/u/ I don't know where I can buy Anime Figures (originales) for a cheap price with World Wide shipping
/tech/ Interesting operating systems
/cyb/ [Radio] Lost at sea
/d/ I force my boyfriend to let me suck his dick
/d/ Euphoria
/tech/ non
/u/ I'm in london
/u/ 寫個中文帖子會有人看嗎=_=
/a/ Terraformars is obunga the anime
/u/ I'm so sad
/u/ Forth Psychiatrist Session Today.
/u/ Bring back the glory days of YouTube
/u/ sometimes it feels like i'm calm one minute, anxious the second, and then frustrated on the third minute.
/u/ Have you ever witnessed death?
/u/ An elevator can never break
/u/ Martial arts
/v/ So no head?
/u/ Are hot dogs sandwiches?
/new/ Is god really exist
/mu/ Burg sounds?
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