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/u/ should I move up Korea?
/u/ Bitterness
/test/ Can someone test me?
/u/ ANGRY burg
/new/ fuck parents who hit their kids to punish them
/a/ What are you looking foward this season?
/cyb/ [Terminal] Mabinogi (Demo Release, Half-Phase)
/lain/ Other kinds of -punks
/v/ So, uh, smash bros is cancelled
/v/ General Zachtronics thread
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/tech/ Affordable PowerPC platform
/u/ Browsing DANGER/U/ with music on makes it feel like a completely different app
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/cyb/ I'll try spinning
/u/ Can someone ask me what's wrong?
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