Best online games for toasters

| Hello g/u/rls! what the best low spec game with big online? why do you like it?

| Real life: new people at every corner and even if you have a high latency you can still play, even though you might look a bit dumb.

| Phantasy Toaster 2 online
Maple toaster
Toastsword(the indirect sequel of Grand Toast)

| Oh and the fanmade mmo version of Toastemon
Toastemon butter clean

| Also try toaster strike : global bread
Toaster fortress 2
And also try toaster mo

| Toastworlds
Toast Tournament
Call of Toast
ToastOut 2
Toast 3 Arena or OpenToast

| Phantasy Toaster Online 2
Toast 3 Arena
Counter Toast: Condition Zero
Don't Toast: Together

| Toasty suggestions.

| Toast Synapse

| League of Toast

| Toast art online: fatal butter

| League of Toast
StarToast: Broodwar

| Killing Toast

| Gears of Toast

| tabletoast simulator

| play terraria. It runs pretty well on a toaster OP

| >>576568
*Toasteria. You've got the wrong game.

| Toasterlands 2 was on sale on steam for super cheap

| >>bd4ac4 OP is recommending toasters to herself

| Age of Toast

| >>995253
OH. Umm. That's not me
(oh no what to do?)

| Flyff

| ToastHammer: Age of Butter
Toast Souls
ToastCraft 2: Tides of Jelly
Doku Doki Toast Club: Marmalade After Story
Crazy Toasti

| Toast Fall Flat

| >>1337b9 There's also Doki Doki: Toastvation

| Possibility of Toasticipation 2

| >>576772
Srsly, this shit is able to work on most of toasters, simply fiddle with settings and try to adjust the resolution to 800x600 or even lower. Who needs chat in coop game

| Alternatively, forget the online part and embrace your inner autist in single player games that are too fun to be made online: roguelikes.
Cataclysm: Toasty Days Ahead
Toast Fortress
Toasts of Qud
Tome 4, aka Toasts of Maj'Eyal

You dont nerd online to have fun in those. Just toasty imagination in your head.

| Toastframe supposedly runs decently on low end hardware, I have no experience with it on anything but a 2500 USD rig however.
Toast Fortress 2.
Realm of the Mad Toast.
Trove (Toast).
EVE (Also Toast).
Alien Swarm: Reactive Toast.

| >>576897
just remember particle effects are your worst enemy.

| Counter Toast 1.6.

Toast Wars: Counter Top (SWGemu.com)

Half Toast: Buttermatch.

| The best single player game is
Toastley: butter and jam gaiden

| Toastcket League

If you want to play a good single player rpg I suggest the Toast in the Sky series, plays really well on my toaster

| the entirety of earthbound toast clones

also hard time, a game about a toast in a prison

| >>576897 I tried to play EVE and toastframe, but in had very low fps (nearly 10 or 15) and I had great mouse delay. Even on the lowest graphic settings

| Toast of Duty Modern Warfare 1-3 runs pretty well on a lot of cpus from 2000~

| >>577173 wait not really from 2000 but from 2010
if your gpu supports directx 9 then you are good enough

| forget online games, just play cool psx games

| play Toasthou, it and its spinoffs' minimum requirement is like.... 512MB? >hail single player


>captcha liter cutup husks

| I will also add the "I wanna be the Toast" series, if we include the Toasthou series.

| seeing the two replies above me, i say one should play Legend of Toast Witch and maybe ToastWorkers for the online bit

| Toast Metal Furies

| >>578579 >Toastformice
Now that's s name that I will never forget. I remember playing that during 2010. Lots of weird but funny memories
not to forget my horny clanmates trying to play porn on the clan's video player

| Multi Toast Auto San Andreas (MTA:SA) I played this with a laptop from 2008 and never had framerate problems. There are a lot of servers with different gamemodes and mods. All you need is Grand Toast Auto San Andreas installed.

| Defense of The Toast All-Star
Toaster Hunter Portable 3rd (using Toastmulator)
Left for Toast 1 & 2
Toast Station 13

| >>578579
Love me some Under Night In-Toast.
But I also Like Melty Butter on my French Bread.

Also Call of Toast: IW4X

| What's the one with the square zombies? Untoasted?

| >>576772 what's that?

| Toastformice, childhood game and still fun now.
Any fighting toast games like UNIST (under toast in toast toast), toastblue cross bread battle, pertoastna 4 arena of bread.

>peel seven nudes

| Forgot to say breadhou, a toast hell game

| ToastCade

| The original "The Toasting of the Dead" game should work. Has netplay. Sadly anything running wintoast 7 and up are fucked since they handle the call function to detect the keyboard differently from Wintoast double XP weekend and Wintoast Toasta theres a fix online for it its just a burnt piece of bread to get it to work

| Faster than Toast

| >>582738 thats singleplayer, but there's a clone that is online called Tachyon

| Toast, please.

| tOsu!

| >>587108
Muh circles

| That would be nice if we posted about cheap toasters that can run these toastwares nicely...

| Toastyframe is free to play

| >>202f75
Sadly, but my toaster can't toast toastframe...

| Swat 4 is a nice classic as well
just remember to check out the pcgamingwiki page to make multiplayer work since their server provider had died for like half a decade ago
have fun shooting people with paintball guns and gassing people

| >>589489 by swat 4 you mean
> Scrumptious waffles and toasts 4

| Dark toast: prepare to roast edition

| >>576461
I think he is not asking for a kusoge

| team fortress 2 with a custom config and hud

| Utopia online. It's a browser game so it should work on all toasters of any form. Dota 2 on lowest setting might work on toasters too.

| I thought it would be a useful post... sad toaster noises

| >>576479 that game is pretty heavy, thanks to denuvo as well. are you running a high performance toast?

>>592726 what exactly were you expecting?

>>592726 i'm having problems finding the game, mind sharing us the link?

>dash bitch doff

| Projet Reality toaster, 100 vs 100 FPS Military toaster simulator , go try it out, you might like it. Its based off on battle toastfield 2 since it used to be a mod for it.

| Toast rising 2

| Jesus christ, the captchas f me everytime but i finally got one working

| Have you guys ever tried the Toastcraft: Butterwar?

| World of Warcraft (Vanilla) (On Private Servers) (TurtleWoW) (Please)

| >>576480 >>598250

| Some of these toaster games actually exist...

| surviv.io is a free browser battle royale game where you fight against mobile users and tryhards who spam laugh emote as they spin like a fidget spinner. It's a good time waster.

tip: M1110 is shit

| >>576897
Possibility of Precipitation 2, also known as Risk of Rain. Make sure to disable Bloom on toasters and decrease the resolution. This game may hog ram at some point, so beware of that.
I tried running dota 2 on a toaster with 1gb of ram, atom 1.6 GMA 3150 graphics and it was pretty terrible

| My personal favorite is toastiro toasts burn twice

| Frets on Toast

| Jokes aside, there are a lot of good low spec games out there. I have the same issue, my computer is about as bad as they come. Hell a Samsung Smartfridge could probably run CS better than my pc. I recommend games like Enter The Gungeon, or the Binding of Isaac. They're low spec, and lots of fun.

| Supposedly Destiny 2 is really well optimized but idk how burnt your toaster is.

My friend was able to get it up to 40 FPS on his dinky laptop so you might be fine if you run it windowed.

| I'm confused about you all. My toaster only has a power cord and no ethernet cable input. How are you g/u/rls playing online on your toasters?

| >>603006
Not all toasters are born such.

There are toasters, BUILT this way, few of these have more than a power cord.

There are also toasters that have BECOME such, after having served in their past as bit-switching warmachines.
Those are the heroes of the past, embedding the technology long lost (read : deprecated), sometimes so for decades.
Those can (and will only) run exceptionally undemanding software (read : toast), while in the process generating a lot of heat (toaster).

| >>602557 what's a computer?

| >>603350
(idk, sounds like a multipurpose toaster, maybe it can make coffee ?)
ace of spades (the classic one) used to be my favorite toast.
idk if someone mentioned that already.
its pewpew and bangbang with cubes and shovels. probably not active anymore idk...

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