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/mu/ Made a meme, what do you think?
/new/ Forced Social Isolation Causes Neural Craving Similar to Hunger
/u/ Zane love thread
/u/ bored again lol
/u/ Best .onion sites to explore (for better or worse?)
/tech/ hdd makes my pc stutter??
/burg/ Mad Burg
/u/ proposal
/mu/ STOP! no more politics
/u/ I can move thread-creatin box as a window
/tech/ Programming language recomendations
/cyb/ (News) Construction Dispute in Neon
/v/ Fuck you Dusknoir.
/v/ I don't like F: New Vegas
/d/ Time cops deal with time stop rape?
/new/ What would be your way to say fuk u! For society?
/u/ I love my sister and regret a lot
/a/ Killing Stalking "anime adaptation"
/u/ help me figure out a total lesbian society
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