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/d/ I just lost my V-Card to our maid. Thoughts?
/cyb/ The savior are trying to punish us for our failure
/u/ lurking 4chan for the first time..
/u/ niu.moe closing March 2020
/tech/ Is 2GB VRAM enough?
/cyb/ So the savior cult are back...
/test/ Let's play banner game
/a/ oregairu 3
/u/ the ultimate question
/a/ The Konosuba Movie
/v/ I was going to ask what games you g/u/rls are playing
/new/ Friends, there is no coup in Bolivia
/mu/ K/DA vs. True Damage? Who will win?
/cyb/ Has anyone heard of this word?
/u/ Guys I need your advice!!!
/u/ fuck japanese films
/a/ What's that one manga about the acrobatic girl with the feet
/u/ Simple cooking
/d/ How do I trick my classmate into stepping on my dick?
/a/ What anime are you watching now?
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