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/burg/ burg
/u/ I'm worried, but it's probably irrational
/u/ fellas
/v/ Best android emulator for pc
/u/ Is "overeducation" bad?
/u/ Do you believe in love at first sight?
/u/ Trump is not racist!
/u/ Ice knife as murder weapon?
/u/ How do I make my shit posts more shitty?
/burg/ burg
/v/ Thoughts on Cloud Gaming?
/v/ can ray tracing do cel-shaded art style?
/u/ Your favourite artwork of all time?
/d/ I want big cummies in my tummy :)
/d/ Best android hentai game?
/u/ Joke Threads
/new/ Bolivia: Coup d'etat bases on wrong allegations
/burg/ burg
/u/ the fuck is the deal with "infinite" and "finite"?
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