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/tech/ Dual boot help
/u/ eighteen
/a/ are there many anime with consistent 2nd season
/v/ HONK
/u/ I love the coomer meme
/v/ Fire Emblem Three Houses will add an update that will allow you to pet the animals
/u/ Lainism
/new/ jebańá PiS
/u/ I hear thunder, pitter patter.
/v/ Cyberpunk Protocol
/d/ Turn Offs
/u/ I killed sex.
/mu/ For any of you who crave future trance music with cyberpank elements.
/new/ North Americans have only two sane choices for their 2020 elections
/v/ Someone explain to me the appeal of Hyperdimension Neptunia...
/mu/ Shanti Shanti Shanti
/u/ 56709
/u/ Riots are happening
/u/ I just ate a frozen orange and it tasted very bad
/tech/ I recently published an Elixir library for datetime formatting
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