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/u/ Pewdiepie
/u/ Extremely Political thread (too political for /new/)
/mu/ Lofi hip hop Beats to study
/u/ Can someone talk dirty to me
/u/ i need booze sent to the past please
/burg/ burg
/cyb/ A tale started long ago
/d/ Losing my v-card
/v/ Colonel Sanders dating sim
/tech/ 32-Bit Dark-Theme Text Editors?
/u/ Tipping
/u/ Hi world
/v/ No one talks about my favorite games
/tech/ Is anyone else here studying network security/pentesting?
/tech/ Multi Driver Earbuds
/d/ Can refined sunflower seed oil be used as lube for anal fingering?
/u/ I'm tired of this world
/cyb/ kinda quiet ain't it, chummers?
/d/ Looking for someone to cuddle with. .-.
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