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/u/ Pants with short pockets
/mu/ Futuristic Classical
/u/ Cast phone screen to laptop
/u/ How to learn to draw?
/u/ How often do you g/u/rls visit this app/site?
/u/ nofap: still in the fight edition
/u/ Mushroom recipes
/v/ Any Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers?
/lain/ C Y B E R P U N K
/u/ Hey, i need to express my self
/mu/ John Lennon is full of shit
/u/ Can you peel your phone screen?
/tech/ Remaking my website, found a nifty CRT-like CSS filter.
/tech/ asus rog
/u/ has anyone else noticed extended title screen theme in va11halla
/v/ does anyone play blustone?
/v/ Why google stadia
/u/ why are car beds considered for childs only?
/u/ Dreams
/u/ JOHN
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