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Hey guys got any ideas for a subreddit name?
would you g/u/rls still like me if I became emo?
Babies Aren't Cute?
Neckbeard Cheetos
So what's the story with captcha?
what I can cook
Is where is it if its is it wro g to have sex
- Л О Б Б И -
Le Sonic Movie Has Arrived
Post interesting links here.
Videos you watch religiously everyday
Toxic city
Insomnia Attack!
Hugging Stuffed Animals
CREEPY & PASTA (some two brothers) made by i
I like striped stockings!
i really love it when you just got off your self-cutting problem but your friend's cat scratches your arm and you can't stop feeling it
Status Quo
For the ppl banned anywhere...
Only online + irl friend ditched me
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