Assassins creed odyssey?

| Been playing fucking shit tons of assassins creed odyssey



| .

| Odyssey was cool, just as fun and revolutionary as 64 and sunshine, cant wait for the next main mario game

| >>9154fb naah gotta say that i was very bored with that one
Way too much shit to do

| >>674631 ikr, mario black flag was waaaaaay better

| I was bored with the first game in 2008, I don't understand why people still buy this shit.

| >>674658
Wasn't the first game really barebones and empty in comparison to its sequels?

If the first one bored you maybe you'll find the later ones more entertaining.

| >>fe28f7 >>b99041 its tru this game is like loz botw on crack

Its everything i wanted and more

| >>674638 super mario origins 64 was definitely the best so far

| Odyssey got tedious for me. I couldn't finish the main story because of the grinding and pacing. Which is a shame because I was open to Assassin's Creed becoming an RPG. Just didn't like the execution.

| >>dbf5de i suppose it did in the end but i was really driven by tbe story, i felt like it offered a lot

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