| Some good videogame witg rain atmosphere for PC? (Please don't write about Heavy Rain or Rainy Season)

| Halo 3 ODST

| Well that's if you're ok with halo mcc for pc...

| Risk of rain lmao

| The Blackwell Legacy series? The first game doesn't look too rainy, but it gets progressively, uhh, rainier? Blackwell Epiphany is very rainy.

No I have no idea what being rainy even mean but that's the first thing that came to my head.

| Halo 3 doesn't look calm a lot :x amd point and click.. idk "^^ i guess that here aren't games for pluviophile "^^

| Persona 5, animal crossing, pikmin, terraria and minecraft if played casually with no urgency

| Stardew valley too

| I'm going for relaxing and fullfiling experiences with time management

| Animal crossing is one of games what i wish to play.. but sadly i don't have switch.. and i can't even choose if i want normal version or lite xd

| >>674325
You want the normal one, trust me. As for Animal Crossing, if you really want to check it out, you could always try emulating some of the older games in the series.

| Rain World.

Fucking hellish and not for everybody as in it's super difficult and a survival simulator, but the atmosphere is incredible and the race against time and dying horrible to the rain is wonderfully done.

| Crying is not enough

| Max Payne 1&2

| >>674318
ODST's nighttime city levels are quite relaxing, but granted you don't mind a fight here and there

| >>674323 I want to agree with you, but if you like to optimize things at all... Stardew is SO stressful.

| >>674548
Why speedruns Stardew Valley anyway?

| >>674374
This game doesn't have the attention it deserves.

| >>674666
Who said anything about speedruns? Optimization != speedrunning.

| >>674839
That's literally what speedrunning is. Near-perfect optimization.

| >>674889
All fish swim, but not everything that swims is a fish. You catch my drift?

| >>674889
Speedrunning is time optimisation.
Time is not the only thing that can be optimised.
It's true that speedrunning is optimising, but not all optimising is speedrunning !

Yea g/u/rl I think we caught the same drift !

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