I've beaten the final puzzle in Helltaker

| It took me a while but in the end I've figured it out

| Good job, g/u/rl, I'm proud of you!!!

| wait are you telling me the final puzzle isn't meant to be skipped ?!

| >>673623
yee and they give you achievement for not skipping it

| Didn't even realize you could skip it

| Spent about an hour on it and still ended up skipping. Quit at the boss anyway. Shit's difficult.

| >>673700 git gud

| I think the only reason it's so difficult because of how unexpected it is. Moving floors, hp, and laser patterns, are all introduced at the same time. The game does little to prepare you for it.

| It quickly goes from like Minesweeper to Crypt of the Necrodancer. Good game though. Had to look up a guide for two of the puzzles including the last one

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