VA-11HALL-A collector's edition Limited Runs

| My copy of the collector's edition just came today and I can say with all honesty it's the best shit I've ever bought, having so many cool things and such detail for like 70 dollars is crazy IMO, if someone else also bought the collector's edition please say what was your favourite item, mine was the box itself, I love the illustrations and the fact that I can open to show another illustration

| oh shit it seems like it's out of print...

| lucky you! I hope they do another run someday. n1rvanna release will def make va11halla popular once more.

| I just wish that they made it for PC

| Damn I would have totally bought that if I knew it was a thing even tho I don't own a switch

| I'm willing to participate in a battle royale for pc version collector edition if sukeban ever releases one

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