Night City Wire Thoughts

| Did anybody else catch Night City Wire (the Cyberpunk 2077 stream)? I'm interested to see what people thought of the new details.

| I thought he died.

| >>673266 Who? Jack?

The trailer was all from the prologue, so likely all before what we saw in trailer 1. Not like the game was gonna start with us having to care about the death of a guy we hadn't met yet.

| >>673268
I thought you are talking about Spoony's live wire.

| Didn't know studio Trigger was making an anime of it. I am pumped g/u/rls.

| >>673271 Yeah that was an interesting reveal, especially after they announced a comic book yesterday.

Looks like they're going all in on expanded media.

| I wonder if it's a full 12 or 24 episode anime or kind of like that Blade runner anime short (which was fucking cool)

| That new girl, Judy, is a goddamn looker. <3

| >>673283 For sure. Idk why but I always find thay hairstyle so sexy

| >>673282 I'd wager it's maybe 6 episodes, but that's not based on anything in particular.

I just feel like it'll be something they make concise and clean, as well as not investing too much in it in case of failure.

Also you've reminded me... Where the hell is Blade Runner: Black Lotus?!?
I feel like that project is dying in it's own secrecy.

| near the bottom of https://www.cyberpunk.net/us/en/ are 2 remaining episodes for night city wire coming soon

| >>673323 Nice spot. I hope if there's only 3 we maybe get a little bit more per episode.
This one was great to see, but didn't feel substantial. Maybe they were just leaning on all the media reviews coming out to much, idk.

| >>d3ab25 theres meant to be a full anime based on Blade runner black lotus?

| >>673470 Yeah, adult swim announced it a long while back. Full blade runner series coming to their network. No set date or info since.


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