| To think there is a cool free to play, with actual lore, interesting gameplay and new mechanics.
Thats just my opinion, whats yours?

| Never heard of it.

| A new free to play game on the switch

| When I first saw that story trailer or whatever I thought it looked kind of cool and gave me even sunset overdrive vibes until they turned into kids....and then I didn't look further into it

| It's... okay.

It's great for a free game to play with friends, but it does get boring and the IAP is overpriced.

Props to it for being cosmetics only.

Having Akira Yamaoka (did silent hill's ost) as a guest for a track is incredible.

The battle pass is absurd on how many tiers it goes.

Parrying is shit. It's almost luck based because it's just rock paper scissors.

Those are my thoughts.

| Gotta be honest. It looks like a mobile Splatoon rip-off that somehow fucked up the core concept of Splatoon and added fucking Fortnite emotes.

| I think the parrying system should be something like fly punch boom, acuracy bassed with timeing your button press

| Some times people play it too aggresively even though is ninja game, some times I wonder if people even know you can place decoys of yourself and transform beside it, the parry system in not cool but you can avoid it by ambushing players, so you are thecnically rewarded for avoiding direct combat by acting like a real ninja would, because for irl ninjas direct combat was somthing that you should avoid as much as possible

| Also dependind on your skill cards, the decoys can do stuff like traps and explosions, the morphing abbility is also nice and works really well, balancing the time you spend breaking drones and defeating players is important, what I do is find a drone, put a decoy, morph bedide it and wait for a fool to try to hit the drone, then I steal the the last hit on the drone and use any skill to trap the player and finish them off

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