AAA is a joke

| There are no good games. There is no industry. Only trash

| Bait

| AAA is a joke..
they only make action games nowadays. There might be a handful of simulators and RTS leftovers from some old IPs but the overwhelming majority of new games being made are shooters, hack n slash, and cinematic games made with hollywood appeal instead of innovative gameplay.

| Remenber wheb AAA games had variety? Yeah me neither, its always been like that, plataformers era, shooters era, openworld era, battle royale era, movie games era.
These games were always given high budget but rarely had any thing new in their respective times, and nowadays they have been lacking in quality cuz of dlc, poorly made updates and micro transactions

| Why make a good game when you can fix it later and sell the solution?

| >>672075
You're the bait here.
OP is right, fuck the AAA gaming industry.

| The only AAA I buy is from nintendo, except pokemon

| And fuck EA and blizard

| Yakuza is still good. Dragon Quest is still good. If you want innovative gameplay, Death Stranding is a pretty meditative hiking/delivery game. Then there's A Way Out, a story-driven co-op from the guy who made Brothers.

I'm not excusing the actual bullshit lots of AAA companies do like playing it safe and scummy microtransactions. But good AAA games still exist even if they are few and far between.

| >>672305 true, there are still good AAA out there, its just that the industry is saturated and has a bunch of bullshit like micro transactions, sjws, normies and bad decissions

| >>672306 complaining about sjws in 2020, okay boomer.

| >>672359 laughs in orcs, dnd, last of us 2, any japanese game with ecchi content on a sony console, persona 5 royal etc

| Dang y'all are actually falling for the bait

| >>672383 what bait there is no bait here

| >>672376
Are you seriously complaining about Wizards of the Coast making their orcs more interesting?

Shitposters like you make this place such a bore.

| >>672419 nah its about the people saying orcs are an allegory for racism, these people are sjws, making more lore is fine if done right

| >>672420
So you're just complaining about ess jay dabbleyuws for no particular reason? What's the endgame here?

| >>672422 thats not for no particular reanson, read>>672376 and>>672306 ,sjws are the just one of the problems on the current state of the gaming market, why are yall so triggred that I mentioned sjws anyways, cancel culture and needless censoring are problems for gaming, these are issues just as important as microtransactions, bad dlc, fixing lazely coded games 3 months after launch and greed practices in the industry, yall angry cuz I said sjw? Grow up

| >>672434 those are problems to do with capitalism, not just gaming.

| >>672446 this thread is about probelems in games so if a problem in capitalism is affecting games it becomes a gaming problem, and tbh those problem are more to do with greed and lazyness than capitalism in it self, captalism did nothing wrong its just that humans suck and cant live without trying to exploit eachother

| >>672451 can't bare to think that capitalism is bad? triggered.

| SJW and Anti-SJW are the same. You gurls need to realize that deplatforming/canceling mean less content and they solve nothing.

If you don't like sexualization in games like DOA, go make your own volleyball game with realistic muscly girl/guy.

If you don't like Overwatch shoving their gay non-binary trans muslim robot alien characters, then make your own shooter featuring realistic soldiers.

No game can satisfy everyone, vote with your wallet, let people enjoy what they like.

| >>672464 I dont mind inclusivity I just dont like when a mob of screeching goblin comes and forces the inclusivity, let the devs be free to do what they want and not force every game to represent everythin, it kills individuality

| >>672534
>I just dont like when a mob of screeching goblin comes
This is how we all feel about SJWs and anti-SJWs, including you.

People like you who lacks a solution-oriented mindset but instead adopts some kind of crybaby-mindset is the cancer killing discussions.

| >>672544 I just mentioned that sjws are a problem, people are overblowing it and when I explain myself I am the crybaby? ok fine sorry for triggering yall

| >>672464
The problem with voting with your wallet is that in case of Overwatch on launch it wasn't quite shoving its gay non-binary trans muslim robot alien characters. This all happened way after the game launched and a bunch of people bought it. I myself don't mind it (and even found Tracer being lesbian quite welcome), but that still is an issue with the games that receive constant major updates, or even when some out-of-game reveals happen in different media.

| >>672566
I don't see the problem. If you don't like the changes you don't have to play anymore, and you don't have to pay for DLC:s, expansions, microtransations(if you're into such things) sequels or even other games made by the same studio.

Voting with your wallet works. If you're unsure about which direction a game will go after launch then don't buy it at launch.

| >>672598 if none of it matters than you are saying the industry is perfect and doest need change

| >>672634
I never said that. Where's the logic behind that reasoning?

| >>672669 you dont see the problem in micro transaction, dlc, bad updates, since all you have to do is not buy, I disagree with that statement since people with no standarts will buy and companies will profit anyways, look at pokemon, the last of us2, and most EA games, a bunch of people buy those games regardless of the quality if 40% of the people boicot the game still sells nice and is sold at 60$

| Thats one the reasons AAA is a joke, there is a lot of overpriced and overrated games, that at best worth 40 to 50$ but defenitlly not 60$ and a bunch of people somehow buy it and then when you say you wont buy they call you toxic and "not a true fan"

| >>672671
>you dont see the problem in micro transaction, dlc, bad updates,
Is this your attempt at a strawman? I never promoted nor complained about those things.

If people with "no standards" will buy a game that you don't like then so what? You're not gonna play it anyway.

The AAA market is stagnating and voting with your wallet works a whole lotta better than complaining. If you find games you like then buy them instead of pirating.

| >>672691 just read at what you said>>672598 I'm not doint any strawman here, if not buying worked we wouldnt have any of those problem and if complaining didnt work we wouldnt have people screeching online for inclusivity and double standarts on censorship

| and guess what since gaming became big most AAA are marketed for normies, these normies dont have many standarts, they see the overproliced garbage and and the microtransactions and they buy it, and the industry obiviouslly has more normies so as long as people keep their mouth shut the AAA market will stay the same and more franchises will be ruined

| Because a lot of franchises have been getting "AAA" games that are average at best but are heavilly marketed so they sell like water with a bunch of bugs, then they sell dlc for 30$ to patch 50% of the game to make a decente game

| >>672696
well, maybe you're not in the target demographic ?
that could explain your poor experience with these games.

| >>672695
>just read at what you said
Dude, I know what I said and I never said any of those things. Wtf is wrong with your reasoning?

| >>672701 then explain what you meant by "I see no problem"

| >>672699 how can I not be a target demographic for games I've been playing for YEARS, fallout, call of duty, fifa, overwatch, destiny, pokemon, all of these franchises have at least one of the problems problem mentioned here, and their latest games were all either bad, lazy or maybe average after a bunch of bad dlc or patches, people have the nerve to say that the people complaining are not the fans when they barely know the franchise and just got int it

| Most of the time

| >>672704
Dude, read the first paragraf of your post and then read the first paragraf of my response. It's not rocket science wtf.

| >>672706
So you're saying it was better before ?

| >>672710 thats not even my post, wtf are you talking about?

| >>672712
Woah wtf :
>>672634 In this post you said :
>if none of it matters than you are saying the industry is perfect and doest need change

You're literally forging yourself an argument to oppose.
The g/u/rl never said anything like :
"the industry is perfect and doesn't need change"

This was the strawman part.

| >>672711 some franchises got ruined over time, fallout76 sucks, pokemon swsh is a hot mess with dlc that shoild have been in the game, fifa doesnt have a fair and not pay to win game since 2014, the last of us 2 wasnt a game it was a political movie with mushroom zombies on the side, overwtch was fine at first but the balance is thrash and got a bunch of disconect with the community

| I can continue but if I were to tell you every single thing that got worse we would max out the capacity of this thread, these franchises had such a legacy but the companies want to make you pay more for less, so they forget the fans, market for the normies and dont even bother to give then a good experience, and thats the problem with a lot of AAA games

| >>672716
For all those reasons you cited,
>vote with your money

It appears your vote is not siding with the majority (or overshadowed by the cash reeled in from microtransactions, DLC...). In that case it seems like your expectations of the franchises are not aligned anymore with what they have become.
Which does sound like you are not in the target demographic anymore, right ?

Just saying my thought process here. No offense.

| >>672720 well its not my faut the newbies in gaming have low standarts and buy poorly coded game and like to buy lootboxes and overpriced dlc, I'm mean I'm just trying to show that many AAA game are objectivly not worthy of being called AAA if you compare the quality of the previous AAA with their respectives launch times

| >>672534 both SJW and anti-SJW can be the screeching mobs. Dev incorpotaring left idelogies might be caused by them being liberal to begin with, and that's how it might work with the right/conservative too.

>>672558 it's not triggering for me personally, it is just the hardest argument to defend because there's no actual line to be drawn between normal media and the ones that caters to SJW/anti-SJW.
It's like you are saying that you don't like Denuvo because it kills your SSD

| >>672566 agree with the gurls that said that you should stop giving your money with that kinda game. Online multiplayer games rely on people purchasing DLC/battle pass/cosmetics.

For sequels like last of us, simply don't buy them.

If a lot of people still give their money for games that you think are horrible then.... just don't worry about it.

Do you worry about shitty P2W mobile game with misleading ads that you see in youtube? What about candy crush or facebook zynga games?

| They make a lot of money and most people agree that they are objectively bad/manipulative games, how can you boycot something that doesn't consider you a target market to begin with?

All you can do it let people with simple (bad) taste get scammed burned by there kinda games.

| Nintendo can go fuck themselves too, with their toxic platform

| >>672860 i the that he was bothered that the franchises he has been playing started to spit on their fans and cater to a more "normie" audience and release games with poor quality cuz "normies dont know good games" thingy, the games sell, the franchise gets ruined and all the old fans get outnumbered by the majority and their fandom becomes a living corpse, and its happening a lot nowadays

| >>672886 what? Since when?

| >>672938 since switch

| >>672989 why is the switch toxic?

| Are you saying that hitman, mirror's edge and death stranding are the same as cod and battlefield? There are still AAA games that come out that are good and unique like alien isolation and others but they just don't come out every year

| >>673032 of course not, nobody said all AAA games are bad, we discussed about the increase in low quality, mediocre games bein labeled as AAA

| >>672999
>games locked to specific console
>when your console dies, your games are gone
>no respect for future preservation, consume now
>digital forced to cost same as physical
>new games? Here, have old ports
>releases new hardware revision with more power, it doesn't unlock more power

| >>673179
>you can change you primary console
>if you loose it or it dies you should be able to do it via your nintendo account
>you can always hack into it 5 or 10 years from now
>there are sales, even though retail price digital is indeed higher
>that's a choice they made :/
>it's not ridiculously more powerful, though

| >>673182 online account shouldn't be a requirement. It's a console, not a fucking iPhone. Needing to hack shows just big of failure Nintendo is. Fuck them

| Well then you could buy all your games physical retail, right ?
Big pro, you wouldn't need a hack this way too !

What kind of online digital entertainment shop doesn't require you to register ?
It's really a DRM mindset issue, I can't even remember when it was that games were DRM-free...

But if you just wanna say "Fuck you Nintendo", why not

| We should make a thread about that... Shit

| >>673194 there are still DM-free games. GOG and Itch.io offer modern games that don't require an account to play them.

| >>673197
Oh sry I thought it was only for PC games...

| >>673194 but you still can't play online and you still can't do proper backups. Don't remember when games were drm free? Bitch! Games should never had a drm in them. And if you like or even tolerate them, you are part of the problem

| >>673218
Ok then, can we maybe agree in the fact it has not so much to do with Nintendo and more to do with DRM in general, on any platform ?

| Yeah, most of the stuff there is either bad business or problems tha we have on other plataforms, dont get why nintendo is the only toxic one

| They are far from the only one. But I'm sick of of people saying how Nintendo is different and how great it is. Nintendo is a piece of shit is what it is

| >>673241 I mostly like nintendo for their high quality games, but at the end its just another company

| Alot of these game companies could stand to maybe branching their money out. Like developing 3 or 4 new medium sized games and splitting their teams up and trying something new with each game to spread their ground and develop new IPs and maybe new franchises and heck if they are good enough they can become a smash hit then they sell a ton. That way instead of putting all their money in one basket they spread it out. So they can be creative and mitigate risk.

| Plus in the games industry you will have specialists whom might not be busy during one games portion of development. So when they are not busy you can have them aid another game in development aiding in progressing a new game and also lower the amount of crunch that needs to be done before release.

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