The Last Of Us 2

| How you liking (or hating) it so far? Streamers that I watch are not very fond of it and I am broke these days so I can't play it myself :((

| I'm watching a playthrough of it on YouTube. Around the first hour and I'm already mad at how they butchered one of the characters to be an idiot. I'm pretty skeptical of how it'll turn out in the end. But if I'm going to complain about the story, I better watch and know what I'm talking about.

| I don't play it but I can't wait for the memes

| >>671167 same. I don't even know what the first part was about, but the memes are great

| >>671167 >>671169

In the first game,

You spend the whole game playing as Joel shepherding 15 year old Ellie, who is immune to the zombie fungus, across america so she can be used to make a cure. At the end of the game, the doctor says that she can only be turned into a cure for humanity if her brain is sampled, which would kill her. Joel decides to spare her life, and kills the doctor, potentially damning humanity but saving Ellie. Ellie suspects this the whole time after.

| At the time it was considered poignant or at least an interesting twist and you're left wondering who was right at the end. The problem with the second game is that it fails in its mission, though.

| I just enjoy reading all the reviews dunking on it. Given the choice between being guilt-tripped into massacring digital people and being guilt-tripped for massacring digital people, I will simply decide not to play.

I don't understand why they make a sequel with the first game ending like that. I can't imagine any kind of sequel that wouldn't undermine it.

| Just search up lastofus2 on twitter, so Sony is okay with sex scene, but censored ecchi stuff on Dead Or Alive and Senran kagura?

Nice exclusive, Sony.

| After watching it more I am 100% sure I won't buy it. This Dina girl is so annoying I can't fucking believe it aaaahhhhh.

| >>671183 thank

| I'm only disappointed, I ain't invested in the franchise.

But, say, take a beloved protagonist like Naruto. Now Naruto's been doing all sortsa stuff, building his character.

Now, say, the author releases a buncha teasers for Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. And Naruto is featured heavily.

Y'all thinking, "oh yeah Naruto's back better than ever, baby!"

Then 4 chapters in, Naruto gets killed easily by some dude named idk doesnt matter cause you never seen their ass before lmao

| My point is, how the fuck did this get greenlit by the devs, designers, writers, and even the gametesters?

My heart goes out to y'all angry bout dis shit

| I loved the first TLOU,I avoided spoilers/leaks at all cost because I wanted to enjoy this sequel.
Yesterday I started watching a gameplay (and thank God that I didn'y buy it),I kinda liked it at the beginning, then after two hours (when a certain thing happened) I just didn't want to continue watching that thing.
I'm just disappointed.

| >>671329 It is greenlit because the Producer (Neil Druckmann) wants it that way. He is the Vice President of Naughty Dog, so he holds a lot of power.

Game testers usually has no say, they only test and reports for bugs. Allegedly, the leak came from a guy that know a game tester anyways, so maybe that's the way game testers disapprove the game.

| The Last of Us 2? there is no sequel.

there is that weird spinoff game that totally ruins the entire story, though. weird how it got a full studio production despite being such irredeemable garbage.

| >>671827
I like you

| I finished the game, it’s pretty disrespectful to Ellie, the player, and the bisexual community

| >>569409 based alternate reality g/u/rl

| It's a really good game actually. Dunkey said so

| >>672867
Dunkey should stick to being a comedian he has no idea how to review games.

| I don't want any spoilers for it, but, my opinion so far is, like, not positive. I'm planning on watching the entire game, but, it's pretty shit so far both story and gameplay wise.

| >>673335 spoilers:it doesnt get better

| >>673335 Abby's story is the worst part and it's half of the freaking game.

| all this anti-hype is killing me. I don't care about this game but now I feel obligated to know. maybe count me in >>673335

| Talked with a friend, and her point is as follows:
- Joel being out of character was expected since it feels like everything was calming down so he let his guard down
- The entire thing was a message to how revenge accomplishes nothing when Ellie refused to kill Abby

| >>673516
-Just no
Ok,maybe he was calming down but Joel and Tommy acted like idiots,they didn't even asked Abby if she was bitten.
Also, Joel were standing in the MIDDLE of a room filled with strangers, I wouldn't to that even in a normal situation
-Ellie refused to kill Abby 'cause revenge bad, but she still loses literally everything
While Abby accomplished to take her revenge on Joel,survive with all her fingers and with Lev still alive

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