What are some games nobody seems to know except you?


| Monster hunter before world came out and pikmin

| Phantasy Star Online ep 3 : C.A.R.D revolution

| Eldritch and Slayer Shock. They're pretty sick games, but they're pretty niche and not many people have heard about them.

| Blade the Dark Knight

| Star Traders: Frontiers.

Pretty much all games by the Trese Brothers. They also have a Shadowrun-like game called Cyberknights that they're working on right now.

| Pepsi man xd

| C&C Generals, it's quite good, and I played it most of my childhood, but most people here don't know it.

| C&C Generals is awesome. Used to play that all the time on a shitty laptop when I was younger.

| Banished

| >>664940
Excuse me Pepsiman was my childhood

| Most of the games mentioned here sold millions of copies though

| Ex Troopers. It's a Japan-only spin off game of Lost Planet, which is already niche enough as it is.

| Jade Empirr. It's one of my favorite RPGs of all time and nobody seems to have heard of it.

| >>665015 I heard of it but never played it. I know Bioware made it before Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

| The Neverhood


Disgaea series, for me. It may be popular somewhere else, but not where I am.

| >>665006
I played it but wasn't really impressed by it.
So I'm rather curious what you like about it.

| >>665052 the art style, soundtrack, and the gameplay's emphasis on movement. I just really like stylish anime games, especially during a time when colorless, over-serious games were the norm during the generation it came out.

| >>665004
Eldritch and Slayer Shock didn't, at all, but I see your point. A lot of these games are very big.

| >>665015
Thanks for reminding me that this existed. I'll probably start playing it soon.

| Va-11 hall-a cyberpunk bartending action

| Fortnite. It's this pretty interesting tower defense game that nobody seems to play or talk about, despite the fact that it seemed to have hype around it before it came out.

| >>665243 yeah, save the world is the true beta, and its underrated as hell

| Gravity Rush 1 & 2, honestly those two games are just special to me because of their locations and big cities being in the sky


| is difficult find unknown game... so i taked some from ps1 xd hmm.. what about "the plan"?

| Monolith. Seems like something more people would know about yet almost nobody does.

| >>665273
Damn. That looks really cool.

| Monaco: What's yours is mine. Pretty good cooperative game, actually.

| Severance: Blade of Darkness. The original dark souls

| Megaman is extremely famous but I swear to God I can count the amount of people I know that are familiar with the Zero series in one hand

| >>665478 cries in star force

| >>665478
What counts as familiar? I feel like most people who know about Megaman has at least heard about it. I have barely played Megaman and know about it.

| Gotcha Force. Now that I play it again I see how repetitive it gets after an hour of playing, it feels like it's endless battles until you unlock a new story mission.

| Gravity Rush is so great.

| Neotokyo, a semi csgo style shooter set in basically the ghost in the shell universe with probably one of the best video game oats ever. It's a shame no one really plays it because it's such a good game. There are a few people who get together and play every Friday tho

Naissancee it's a walking Sim with light puzzles and platforming but the world you go through just captures my attention and no one seems to really know about it

| Let it Die

| >>665488
I mean, I know a lot of people who've heard of Megaman or even played it, but practically no one I spoke to knew about the Zero and ZX series

>>665484 Don't worry. I also feel your pain...

| G-police, urban chaos, future cop: lapd. Know any of these? Or I'm old.

| >>666161
I remember G-police! Used to play it over at my friends house after school lol

| Tao's Adventure
Quest 64
Buck Bumble


| brigador

| can't remember the name, but there was an mmorpg i used to play on my raspberry pi. it was 2d, top down in a fantasy setting. there were only 2-3 people online and i was very surprised that the server was up. this was about 4 years ago and i'm pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore.

| >>665484
dude i used to play star force A LOT

| The Kyle Hyde saga, last I got into a "community" for it we were 3 people

| Scrapland. How is nobody ever talking about Scrapland.
>>665269 is that you scott?

| >>667646 nope, I'm an artist on Twitter has drawn Gravity Rush anniversary art.

| I'm not entirely convinced I'm not the only FolksSoul (aka Folklore) fan on the planet.

| I just remembered. Radiata Stories

| The Darkness 2, I loved the game when I was like 12 cus i kinda vibed with demons, gore n shit before.

But no one really talks about that game then and even now. Also heard that the first game was really hard to find.

| >>668113
Cool that you liked it. Is it an actual good game though or did you just like it for its flavor?

I enjoyed the first game a lot. I bought it because a childhood friends older brother got hired by the studio and actually worked on the game.

But I never played the sequel because it was done by a different studio.

| Any monster hunter game that isnt world

| >>668178
I liked both gameplay and its aesthetics. I really want to play it again but can't because my ps3 broke.

Play the sequel, totally worth it. I think it's on Steam.

| >>668179
I dunno, at the very least 4U and Gen were pretty popular. Not World levels of popularity, sure, but still.

| >>665511
If I could physically punch a game in the face this would be first on the list.

| Cave Story

| >>668807
Everybody knows about it, nobody played it.

| >>668820
I have played it a lot, but only recently managed to get the true ending in both original and +. Such a good game, holy crap.

| Acrophobia

| iji :^)

| >>665031 what do you mean?!

| Less known games from my favorites:

Stunt GP
Gun Godz
Sword & Sworcery
Space Rangers
Don't Look Back
Always Sometimes Monsters

| >>669403
I have Always Sometimes Monsters and Sword & Sorcery in my library.
Might play them now that you mentioned them.

| Rising Kingdoms
Battle Realms
Stronghold Crusader
American Conquest

RTS games are a dying genre, yet some of them have such a dedicated fanbase it's incredible. Check out the mods for Yuri's Revenge like Mental Omega and Robot Storm. Different designs for units and buildings from the old ones, more factions, new stories, it's basically an entirely new game.

| Also mogeko games like Wadanohara, a really nice game that is really nice lol

| Zineth

| Katawa Shoujo.
Visual Novel about dating cripples. It's incredibly wholesome.
Cave story, its a metroidvania made by one dude.
Both of these arent even unpopular or like that niiche- but people sleep on them a lot it feels like.

| Cat Girl Without Salad
funny how not many talk or know about WayForward's april fools game

| Rain World, which is kinda sad because it's pretty insane how large of a game it is and how well done and fun it is.

| Ridge racer type 4 but only because it’s “old”

| Did anyone else play the original Road Rash?

| LISA: The Painful
I haven't met a single person who's willing to give it a shot, which is understandable.

| >>670260 Been a while, so I forgot a lot, but I know I thoroughly enjoyed the racing and the smashing and it occupied a lot of my time the same way the original DOOM did. Now that you've reminded me, I'm going to go look for it to play it again.

| >>b0336d LISA's community is luckily still alive, just isolated to making shitposts on Reddit now while we all painfully wait for Pointless to have its update and for Ninja Tears to come out.

| Ironically I know more people in real life who have played the game compared to people online who I've tried to get to try it, it's weird.

| Honestly Yo-Kai Watch.

| The game Onsalakorv made by the company that makes Onsalakorv. It was a short point and click adventure.

| Submarine titans.

| I think I was the only one who played renaissance heroes. Too bad it's shutdowned

| Persona 3.
People always talk about persona 4 and its remake and P5 and P5R but ffs- Persona 3 is soo good and no one- even persona fans seem to play the games after it.

| >>670877
Let me one up you and say the persona 2 duology. I have even seen way too many people gloss over these gems. Also P5's story is really overrated.

| The spectrobes series and custom robo arena

| I love playing obscure story-oriented RPGmaker games, but god damn I don't know anyone else who does. It sucks, can't discuss the games with anyone.

One dev I like in particular is Charon. Mix Ore is one of my favorites by him.

| Wonderful 101

| Dokapon Journey anyone? I still remember rocking it on my ds with my childhood friends.

| >>670877 >>670896
You two need to get out more.

| >>2ad717 You know that it made insane bank on the Kickstarter, right?

>>21ff53 Oh those games, love them! You forgot the Q in the name though

| >>672409 dude stop judging other comments, dont be a douchy, also the kickstarter and relaunch was made because IT WAS UNDERRATED, so shut the fuck up

| >>672409 and persona 1 and 2 are really forgotten, but yeah you are right persona Q duology really is underrated, even more than persona 1 and 2

| >>672409 >>672411 >>672412
Ay, let's just not interact too much in this thread in general, yeah? This is a pretty subjective question.

| >>672413 I mean, he is the one who started judging other comments, but yeah you are right sorry for being so agressive

| The Amber Throne, it's an rpg maker game. All the sprites and backgrounds are digital paintings so it looks really nice and the most is great

| The long dark

| >>08341f

You do realize that Atlas decided to make the original series Persona starting at Persona 3, right? There's no such thing as Persona 1 or 2.

And... once again, The Wonderful 101 actually made an insane amount of money on the Kickstarter alone.

| >>672474
Revelations: Persona is the first one.
Persona 2: Innocent Sin is the second one.
Now let's not derail the thread anymore. I know you want attention and you're probably autistic, but please.

| >>672478
You're taking a very obvious bait, g/u/rl

Ohh! The Amber Throne has been on my wishlist since forever. How good is it aside from the aesthetic?

| >>672479
Other g/u/rl but I played the Amber Throne too. I loved it, the story was interesting and it creates a unique atmosphere.
If you like indie RPGs then it will surely please you.

| >>5cdf2a Would you say it's similar to LISA or Standstill Girl? Those games were wonderful and are insane considering how limited RPG Maker can be.

| >>9c33e0 Mind mentioning some of your favorites? I'm a huge sucker for RPG Maker games.

| >>672708 >>672739
We should make a thread about that. It could be interesting, and then we wouldn't be hijacking this one.

| >>672708
Unfortunately I never played those two games but Standstill Girl looks great, gonna try it out sooner or later.
From glancing over them I would say that they are not similar to Amber Throne but it also gives way more than you would expect from RPG Maker.

| Alt-frequently
That's my English exercise game now

| Ninjala, cuz it just launched lol

| Suikoden, Popolocrois.

| DJMax, Tapsonic Bold, Spin Rhythm XD. Pretty much any rhythm game since the genre essentially died in the west with the oversaturation of the market. Too much Guitar Hero and Rockband nonsense suck the ship.

| >>673171
Popolocrois was the shit on psp.

| Used to play it under my blanket at night.

| >>672708
As mentioned here >>673010 I started with Standstill Girl.
I have a very good first impression, the fights are fun, the OST is great and some dialog made me laugh, good game so far.
Thank you for bringing that one up g/u/rl.

| Shantelise

| Precusors, which holy shit; it actually got a steam release.

Star Fetchers and DUEL are ones I think about often too.
you won't find duel so here ya go.

Also sadly not translated; but still playable is HIGH-MACS Simulator. A favorite of mine that runs on any potato.

| The sea of Glomp. Old strange brouser game without any logic, yet very interesting.

| I'm a pretty big fan of this little-known series called Grand Theft Auto. It's quite niche.

| The Drakengard series

| >>669570
Those game are awesome!!! >:0

I still remember playing LISA for the first time and choosing Painful mode cuz I hate myself... took me months to beat it and had nobody to tell them about it...

I have so many hours on The Long Dark... so many journals... and so little, close to nobody, to share any of them. It's such a great game :0

| Tales of Berseria

| >>5cdf2a Ay, glad to you're enjoying it g/u/rl! Happy it's going well.

>>4cd142 I. Hear. A. Sound.
You should watch the streams Kyle McCarley (VA of 9S) have been making of DOD3, he's going to do the final boss this Saturday around 10 am to 12 pm (he very quickly got past the third phase of the song, and will keep attempting that day, he's really enjoying the finale)

| Monster Truck Madness 2

| White Knight Chronicles

| Orcs Must Die (both parts)

| Hylics

| >>674998
The only place I regularly see Hylics being mentioned is on dangeru. I love this site! <3

| >>674998
What a trip that was.

| >>675043
The sequel released a few days ago. I'm gonna play it this weekend on 120ug.

| Samorost

| >>675044 it's not as good, unfortunately. from what I've played of it, it's much more of a game than the first one was, which detracts a little bit from the experience. much less generated text as well :<

| 140

| Underhand

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