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Best rogue-like/lite games

| My personal favourites are Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and Spelunky.

Honourable mention to Eldritch, which isn't that well known and not super well designed, but it's basically Spelunky if it was 3D, first-person, Lovecraftian and highly exploitable. I think it's pretty damn cheap too, but I don't remember.

Give me some good ones.

| Dead Cells is excellent

| I'm trying out dead cells now. It's literally just dark souls.

| "Crypt of the Necro Dancer" is very good, but unique. Has a rhythm game at its core. Not sure if it qualifies.

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Yeah, that's a good one.

| darkest dungeon a roguelike?

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I think it can go under rogue-lite, so it counts.

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I need to get around to playing that. I've always thought it looked great, and now it has tons of extra content.

| what are some good proper roguelikes though, like Dungeons of Dredmor or Sword of the Stars: The Pit, stuff like that

roguelites are great and cool but i feel like i'm missing out on some really good roguelikes because the "lites" get more coverage

| >>630196 Tales of Maj'Eyal is pretty good and I personally enjoyed it. I've heard good things about Tangledeep and Dungeonmans too. then again I don't think those are "proper roguelike" either because the gameplay is quite streamlined. If you want real hardcore stuff, you can try these games that doesn't matter: Caves of Qud, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, ADOM, and Dwarf Fortress or if you're a true gamer you can play Elona+, which is those games but with anime.

| FTL is grate
Convoy is good

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Tangledeep and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup are my JAM.
I really want to get into ToME as well, but I can't really handle how complex and somewhat clunky it is.

| >>630583 ToME might look intimidating at first but the game is actually pretty chill compared to say, Elona or ADOM. you're given a storyline so you pretty much just need to follow it. I think the "sneaky" part is there are maps untouched by the main story which are actually "mandatory" to gain extra exp. the complexity itself is dependent on the class/race you pick and I think it's a *feature* to add a ton of replayability (can't get simpler than human warriors).

| Here are my favorite roguelites:
Nuclear Throne
Rogue Legacy
Streets of Rogue
Superhot MCD
Straimium Immortaly

| OP here. I just started playing Moonlighter, and while it is very, very rogue-lite, as in dying only makes you loose most of the stuff in your inventory and it has tons of permanent upgrades, it's really cool. You can escape from dungeons almost whenever you want, and the goal is to basically kill monsters, get item drops, price the items correctly, sell them in your shop, and unlock more dungeons, bigger shop, better weapons. Far from rogue-like, barely rogue-lite, but good.

| Everyone here should check out Noita and see if it clicks. Personally it's my most played single player game this year.

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Yeah I guess the majority of the difficutly is my own fault for going elf alchemist from the very beginning, especially since it's not even your typical spellcaster.

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Moonlighter is interesting for a while, but it gets real repetitive real fast. The dungeons are very same-y and the shopkeeping turns into a chore once you figure it out. This was just my experience, YMMV of course.

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I can definitely see that. I usually get tired of games pretty quickly, especially games like this, but I just thinks it's fun when you're still new, you know?

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