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What to do after your save got corrupt?

| Happen to me in persona 3 and didn't feel like playing again since.

| my Skyrim save's dead (1000+ hours)

| Same happened to my Persona 5 save. I waited half a year or so, played the first dungeon then lost motivation again. Sad shit.

| Happened to me with Dragon Quest V after ~25 hours, that really sucked.

| First reaction would be a denial stage, so I'll restart the game/turn on/off the console. After that, I'll do a desperate google search about recovering the save file (even if I know that it is impossible). Next, I'll find a way to cheat and get back all my progress, or fiding save file ay around the time my save corrupted. If all failed, then I'll probably go play other games first and get back to the one corrupted later.

| your save data got corrupted ??

well, my entire PS2 got stolen along with the memory card and a Disgaea 2 disc inside it. to this day, I can't remember if I finished that game or not.

| I'm just doin a bit btw. corrupted save data sucks. I'm definitely playing Disgaea 2 again one of these days.

| Ur fucked m8

| Some times i replay again and some times i just watch letsplay

| Cry and pray for a redo

| Do you not have multiple save files, op or did they all get corrupted, find it funny cause I'm play it rn too.

| Lost all the data on my PS4 when I was playing Nier:Automata, I had just clocked like 20 hours in 2 days and hated life, but I'm definitely glad I decided to start it up again.

| >>631015
Damn, that hurts. 20 hours is, like, the entirety of the game almost.

| >>631008 all corrupted>OP BTW

| >>631015 might be spoilers but you have to delete your save data in the end anyway for Nier: Automata but yeah feels bad, mate

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You don't HAVE to. And this way you don't get the satisfaction of doing so.

| >>631020 huh I spent 54 hours and still havent got past the 2nd ending. maybe I'm just a slow gamer

| Die

| >>631117
Well, okay, not the entirety of the game. I got through all endings and MOST of the sidequests in 35-ish hours.

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