What are some perfect games in your opinion?

| I want to know what you g/u/rls think are some of the most perfect games out there. Not necessarily what your favourite games are, but what games you think are some of the closest to being, well, perfect.

Mine have to be Minecraft, Smash Bros and RE4. While I haven't really played it myself I would also like to add Spelunky onto that list, since I know a lot about how it works and have watched a lot of content on it. It just seems like one of those perfect games.

| Dmc 5 is the closest I can think of. I enjoy pretty much every aspect. Yes even v I think hes ok

| TF2, DS1, MGS3, DA:O, GGXXACPR, TW3, Hitman 2016, FNV. Man, there are a lot of candidates and it's hard to contain personal biases but that's what I thought of at the top of my head.

| Gravity Rush 2, Nier Automata, Titanfall 2 (story was lukewarm, but it's something I can get through), TLOU, and BL2.

| Quake 3 arena

| The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to The Past. With the new Link Between Worlds, shit becoming more perfect

| RDR 2 is a beautiful a game, it looks gorgeous; but isn't it a perfect game... may the Souls take the lead

| >>626706 you had me at Gravity Rush 2, NieR: Automata, and Titanfall 2! Great choices.

| *Gravity Rush Remastered*

| Shadow of the Colossus. I can hard find any major fault that sets it back as one of my most favorite games. I played all versions of it and find solace in the game whenever my life gets crazy!

| LISA the painful. It not only has a message, but uses the video game format and the singular, goal oriented focus of the player as part of the message. It's also one of the only JRPGs I've played that forced me to mix between items, status, and damage. The only problem I think it has is that at the end it doesn't do a good job of taking the player back out of Brad's shoes. Other than that, every aspect of it is amazingly done.

| Also, honorable mention for Monolith. It does everything an arcade shooter should without adding any extra frills except the ghost hats

| >>626846
There is a crazy good piano cover of its ost on jewtube, have you seen it?

| Bioshock, all 3, its just so mindbreaking all the 3 of them and they made me change the way i see the world now

| winmine.exe

| smh
Doom, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 7, Super Street Fighter 2, Tekken 3.

| Silent Hill

| Chrono Trigger bc its ahead of its time and everything about it is p good or great

| Gonna second Chrono Trigger. My problems with that game are minor, and compared to all the stuff it does amazingly they're almost meaningless. Also Ikaruga and Tetris.

| Okami. The way it uses its aesthetics abd uses it as part of the game is awesome.

| Va-11 Hall A

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