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Give me a HARD strategy Rpg Game

| So a good friend of mine recently suggested a steam game by the name of "Bad North" its one of those hardcore strategy games that I really enjoy, as someone who really likes Fire Embelm and Shin Megami Tensi, I like something of that nature of where its story driven but overcoming any battle is a challenge that will make you sweat.

Thanks in advance :D

| how about Aarklash: legacy? it is pretty challenging rpg strategy game feels like Divinity: Original Sin. It is pretty old game and maybe a hidden game. Available on steam for 15$ thou it can come pretty cheap on sale.

| >>625565 Oh I might check that out if I have the money, hopefully I can fare myself with the game ^^'

| Vestaria Saga is SUPPOSEDLY pretty hard, it's by the dude who was responsible for the NES/SNES Fire Emblem games.

| The Banner Saga trilogy should be worth taking a look! Especially if you find the recent Fire Emblem games too easy.

| LISA The Painful, amazing writing and plot as well as being very difficult and strategic, especially in Pain Mode.

| >>625802 hell yeah! Sadly already played it but amazing taste nonetheless

| Neptunia games

| >>625627
Yeah, Banner Saga can fuck you up.

| If you haven't played some of the older fire emblems yet, look for a translated rom of Thracia 776.

| Under Rail. You will cry blood and you will feel like Sun Tzu for beating it

| Real life 2020.

| Have you done smt nocturne?

| Rance

| It's maybe an old game, but try out FF:Tactics (If you haven't already)

| >>626073 second that notion but with a caveat. The game is difficult if the player does not figure out major exploits and broken builds.

| I know what you're missing, OP. Some serious Tactics Ogre games.

| I have actcually, 10/10>>625994

| >>626085 havent gotten to tactics but probably going to soon enough, just need to finish some others before I get to those

| >>625999 which one to start with?

| XCOM if it counts

| Into the Breach is one of the best strategy games I have ever played. The tons of interactions that happen in a single turn of that game is mind-blowing. The game has xp and characters that level up and stuff, so I'm assuming it counts as an RPG, but it is also a rogue-like, but, well, you said you wanted a challenge. It doesn't really have story, I know that's one of the things you wanted, but it's a hard and extremely good and very unique strategy RPG, so give it a shot.

| >>627363 thats alot of what I wanted and also a fan of rogue likes so hey, cant kill to give it a shot

| poke mans

| >>627363
Oh fuck yeah, Into the Breach is amazing. I'd say it's almost more of a puzzle game though.

| >>627449
Well, I disagree. It's a strategy game. Strategy is puzzle to some extent as you have to figure out how to best do something, and this game heavily punishes every mistak, so that is kinda puzzle like? Either way, fucking amazing game.

| >>627529 >>627449 Into the Breach is 80% turn by turn calculation of unit interactions. I'd call it a tactics game rather than a strategy game. That's also its one big weakness: you don't need to plan ahead all that much, making it feel a bit repetitive after a while. Still very good, though.

| >>627535
The ideal thing to do is to play for future turns and try to do the current ones optimally. Since the game shows you where enemies will spawn and stuff like that you should always try to put yourself in positions where you can deal with that (or hinder enemies from spawning) and also get rid off or reduce the current threats.

| >>626635 7/sengoku
Also try daibanchou

| Stoneshard, its still in EA so there are still missing content, but its hard,.. really hard

| >>628366
It's not really a strategy RPG though... Although I guess you could say that roguelikes are pretty much strategy RPGs with just one character, but still it is quite a bit different.
And the lack of content REALLY shows, it's better to wait for full release IMO.

| not very related but here are my stellaris empire designs https://anonfiles.com/r851A1b1oe/user_empire_designs_txt

| Divinity : original sin 2? It is pretty challenging on tactitian first time around, and I'd say that the story is good.
And I definitely second Underrail. Makes me sweat blood every time. Although it can and probably will be a bit min-maxy.

| Try Fire Emblem 12, I assume you haven't played that one yet even if you are a FE fan since not many people have. It's the hardest FE game (judging them all by their highest difficulties) but fair. Easy-bake tactics that work in easier FE games like turtling, overly relying on one unit, baiting out the enemy AI slowly one by one, and so on, won't work here. There are no skills so the game also strengthens your fundamentals.

| >>628639
God I wish people will stop using numbered FE and just use the subtitle. After FE8 (Sacred Stones) it's impossible to tell what it is. Some people count the remakes, some don't. Some people count Heroes, some don't even want to acknowledge it.

Like by my count 12 is... Fates? "not many people have played it" haha no then

| All bioware games are highly modable and Dragon Age Inquisition released a challenge mode which ramps the difficulty up, however they are all pretty much solved games but their cheap as hell with how much they go on sale and will entertain you in many other ways such as story(more so talking about the older ones here btw)

| >>30e722 Inquisition is good, but I won't say that it is much of a "strategy game", felt more like... Hell, I don't even know. Action? Also it was poorly balanced and somewhat grindy, but admittedly I played it a long time ago and exploiting shit was fun.

| >>629086
> not many people played it
> (possibly) the hardest game, but fair
> requires actually thinking about the tactics
> no skill system
Obviously not Fates, ya git. Virtually everyone counts the remakes, so FE12 would be the second DS game - Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū, or uhhh New Mystery of the Emblem I think. The Japanese name is long and difficult, and there's no official translation, so it makes sense to use the numbers.

| >>629629
But... there *is* an official translation. FE Heroes have pretty much translated all the old games names. It *is* New Mystery of the Emblem.

| >>629700
Well, color me surprised. Don't really care about Heroes so I had no idea.

| >>629700
Also New Mystery of the Emblem is still a mouthful compared to something like Awakening, Fates or Echoes, so I still stand by my point.

| >>629739 then just say New Mystery. Lol

Personally I agree with >>c96a80, I don't like calling FE games by number. It's really easy to forget, and makes no sense to count remakes. That's like if I call the Final Fantasy 7 Remake "Final Fantasy 27" instead.

| Soase

| Soase

| >>629760
Well, IS didn't really name and/or market FE11 as FE1 Remake, so I guess that's why it is usually counted, same with 12. I also don't quite see how it's easy to forget the number, but maybe that's just me.

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