i finally got a switch

| yes, the cartridge tastes very bad.

| nice

| 69

| What're you playing first? I just started Disgaea 5, but I'm not really liking it. Enjoyed The Alliance Alive a lot.

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Disgaea 5 was the first game I bought when I got the Switch and I loved it. Not for everyone though.

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The rest of the series was great for me. It's mostly just the cast this time around. Only on chapter 2, so they might get better, but they're really not hitting the mark right now.

| Get Celeste it's a hidden gem

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Mario Odyssey. Thinking of getting DQ Builders 2 and Mario Maker. I mostly want games my fam could play because I have my pc for single player games. That said playing BotW on the bed sounds irresistible..

And I agree Disgaea 5 isn't the best of the series. It has the best item world though, imo.

| Can you play all the other Disgaea games on the switch? Does anyone know if they ported the old games to newer systems?

| Ever since reading the manga as a child I've been wanting to get into the Disgaea series

| >>625423 Get Fire Emblem: Three Houses

| >>625501
never heard of Alliance Alive. what's good about it? I found one cheap at a local store so I might consider getting it.

only Disgaea 1 Complete (remaster with HD sprites), 4 Complete, and 5. You can play Disgaea 2 on PC. I dunno about Disgaea 3.

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Start with the first one, either on DS, Switch, or mobile.

The cast is pretty great, and the game catered to my going off the path pretty often. Little things like the party recognizing the allowed sequence breaks. At least a couple secrets to discover too. Gameplay-wise, I really like not having strength tied to levels, and it seems like growth is tied to how far you are in the game so you never have to grind or force yourself to fight unless you want to.

| >>625673 ooh thanks for the concise explanation. that's really helpful.

| >>625673 I'll definitely do that once I finish up three houses and octopath

>>625615 do you need a strong gaming pc to run Disgaea 2? Because my PC is already dying from just running sims 4 with cc

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