i finally got into blighttown

| I was stuck at the gaping dragon until I realized that it was so embarrassingly easy to beat.
so now I got into blighttown and now I'm stuck again thanks to the terrible navigation and lighting on this place. haven't touched any walkthrough still. see you in 2 months when I will finally lift the curse off my character.

| Blighttown, you mean Lagtown.

| be wary!

| I'm sorry.

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It's ok. Everything will be fine.

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No. No, it won't. I love DS1, but I'm probably never playing it again, because I just straight up despise Blighttown. Hopefully you can be strong and get through it, but, well, it's just fucked man.

| Actually I think my character is still standing in front of the entrance to Blighttown :c

| Get gud

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Ehhh, it only sucks the first time through AND if you don't get the master key or whatever it was called in that game, which you should get anyway.

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uh oh

| just do the plunging attack roll skip you dum dum

| Welcome to Flint, Michigan. Have fun

| >>624555 Do you really love the game if a single area (which the vast majority of is optional) stops you from ever playing it ever again?

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I'll most likely play it again, but the place just fucking sucks. I think it's an amazing game and I really do enjoy it, but there's is absolutely nothing fun about Blighttown, and it's challenging for all the wrong reasons. Like, I enjoy challenge in video games, that's why I love Dark Souls, but when the challenge isn't how good you are at fighting and learning enemy patterns which is what I live about it, then fuck that.

| Its not that bad I enjoyed it git gud

| Clunky Souls 1 lol

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