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What Are Some Of The Sickest Games Out There?

| I love games where you can fuck around with the mechanics and do some sick things.

A good example would be Smash, where you can master the mechanics and get extremely technically and do some insane shit.

A bad example would be things like DOOM and Uncharted, where even though the games look sick and you do cool stuff, it's all either scripted or just a button press. That's not what I'm looking for.

It doesn't need to be an action game either, as long as it's sick.

| It you're a speedrunner: Skyrim, bucket, horse

| I think you're looking for the House of Caravan speedrunning community, OP.

| >>624264 >>624268
Those are more just breaking the game. Like, it's cool, don't get me wrong, but it's not really sick, you know? I was thinking more in the vein of using detailed shit about the games mechanics to do cool things, not breaking a flawed game even more.

| Devil May Cry games easily come to mind. Especially DMC5! I love watching combo mad videos and learn from them.

Also, I tried doing the same thing with God of War 2018. While yes there are some scripted moments, it's possible to do stylish, fast, and aggressive combos with Kratos' move kit. You can still perform cancels and such.

| >>624298
I feel like DMC very much goes under what I described with DOOM. Like, yes, it looks cool, but you're not really thinking outside the box when you're just doing built-in combos, you know? That's why I used Smash as an example, since that game gives you attacks, but not combos, so you can discover and create some insane stuff using every little detail of small mechanis most people don't even know.

Cancels and shit are starting to get into the territory I'm looking for.

| Celeste fits this box pretty well. Noita is like this but chaotic. Heat Signature and Into the Breach are good at this, but not at much else. Superhot is like this, but only after you finish playing and look at the replay. Dicey Dungeons is close, but not quite like this.

| I guess Postal 2 is pretty "sick"

| I guess Postal 2 is pretty "sick"

| >>624318
Celeste is very straight forward though, no? I mean, unless the later levels are very open, but that seems unlikely.

Noita looks like it can be pretty sick, yeah. Into the Breach too. SUPERHOT kinda, but again that's like DOOM and shit. You're kinda just doing everything the developers told you to do, and the same stuff everyone else is doing, though all the items in it and stuff make it a lot closer to that kind of game.

I don't really see Dicey Dungeon though.

| >>624320
I agree with you. They sure made a game which just lets you do things your way. Sure, they imply that it's natural to go postal and wreck everything, but you can do a playthrough without doing anything bad. I've been wanting to do that for about a month, I'll get to it when I find some free time.

| >>624320
Although OP seems to like really skillful games which let you pull off amazing moves
>master the mechanics and get extremely techical

Have you heard of Toribash? It's a very unusual game, and it really rewards mastering the mechanics. Not my cup of tea, but fascinating none the less.

Paradox gaems
Dwarf fortress
Mario games

| Superhot, Hot Line Miami, Titanfall 2

| Superhot, Hot Line Miami, Titanfall 2

| >>624431
Toribash I've never tried, but it looks like something you could master pretty well. Still not exactly what I was talking about, but getting closer.

I very much agree with Mario games. You can do some sick stuff in the 3D Mario games when you master the mechanics and different jumps and shit. The others I don't see, like, at all.

Again, those ar games where all the cool stuff is just provided to you and intended. Press "X" button to do cool is not sick.

| >>624352
Celeste is straightforward enough, sure, but it gets VERY technical later in the optional stuff, and in the latest Farewell chapter.
AND, and, if you're able, you can apply this technical shit from the get go and blast through earlier levels. Just look up speed runs.

| >>624299
If you want self-discovered combos with attack cancelling, maybe check out Valdis Story: Abyssal City. You unlock more skills (including cancels themselves) and more technical characters as you progress, but even the starting duo can do some crazy things.

| I feel like y'all don't really understand what I mean by sick, which is probably my fault.

I don't care about overcomplicated shit. Rather, when it comes to sick stuff simpler is better. Like, high skill ceiling isn't really what I'm talking about, but more, like, I guess to give more examples would be all the physics shit you can do with your tools in Breath of the Wild, or how complex stuff you can do in such a simple game as Mario. Just, like, cool, partly unintended stuff.

| A Plague Tale is pretty "sick", if ya catch my drift.

| Gravity rush maybe?

| >>624653 damn I love Gravity Rush. OP, please check out Gravity Rush. You can do so much fun stuff in it.

| >>624653 >>624657
Huh. Could you tell me a bit about the main mechanics of it? It looks pretty damn interesting, but it also looks like it could be just another button mashing or Platinum style game.

| Honestly, almost any combo heavy fighting game fits the bill. But that's if you're like me and waste time doing combo videos for half the game's lifespan.

Check River City Girls out.

| >>624996
Combo heavy fighting games is what I've constantly been trying to explain is not what I'm looking for. I have RCG.

| >>624667 Main mechanic is that you can control gravity(duh). Combat is not that fun to me, you still have different ways to fight tho, like throwing stuff (gravity) slide kick or things like that and the special skill is quite op late game anyway it's fine. But flying around and racing is just plain awesome, you might sucks dick at first flying like a retard but once you get a grip on the controls, you are taking sharp corners, speeding up all the time just like sanic.

| >>624667 There is also the upgrade system so upgrading the gravity stuff make you go faster which is great. Best skill to me is the gravity slide, you are Tokyo drifting everywhere(you could also attack when sliding), fun as heck. The main story is kinda short but the challenges are the fun parts(which I have competed in all golds)

| >>625173 >>625175
That does sound pretty damn sick.

| I'd say katana ZERO. It's very satisfying to stylishly clear out a room. It's pretty fast paced with a good challenge to it.

| >>625218
I've played it, it's incredible, but not the type of sick I'm trying to find.

| >>625240 fair enough. Glad you think it's a good ass game though

| >>625244
Well, of course. I mean, it's basically cyberpunk Hotline Miami, but katana. It's awesome!

| So you're looking for a game that is "sick" but that doesn't require complex mechanical skill to pull off but and also doesn't happen at the press of a button and is mostly about unintended ways of using the tools in the game but not "breaking" it in any way?
I understand that it's something hard to put into words but your definition of "sick" is so elusive I have zero fucking clue what it even remotely means.

| >>625273
You are misu me completely, which is probably my fault.

Basically, I want games where learning the mechanics of how it works can allow you to do cool things and/or combos that aren't necessarily intended. The reason SSB is sick and SF isn't, is because in SSB you are provided attacks and how to use them is up to you, while SF shows you press this and this after this. Not saying SF is bad, it's not, but that's just an example of what I mean.

| Another example would be why Mario is sick and Celeste isn't. In Celeste you kind of just have "this is the right way to do it" and then you do that. It's a great game, but it's very linear/straight forward. In Mario, mostly in the 3D ones but also in some of the 2D ones you have stuff that you can figure out how to use to your advantage that isn't required and the game doesn't teach you, but it's still possible and allows for some cool ass things.

| I think that's the best I can describe what I'm looking for.

| celeste is a hidden gem! my /gurl/s boyfriend got it for me and i cant stop playing

| >>625306 In celeste you could actually play in an “unintended” way if you know wavedashing at start, basically how speed runners playing it anyway. Still doesn't have that much varieties, I guess.

| >>625346
I feel like Celeste has the potential to be a sick game, because it's just so fucking good and this as you say, but also, that's about it.

| >>624258 The shit you can pull off in High Chaos Dishonored. Watch the below:


Need I say more?

| >>625598
No. Yeah, it's really cool, but this is still not what I'm talking about. He mostly just teleports and stabs/slices. Sure, he's really good at it, but he's literally just playing the game normally, but a little more stylish.

| >>625659 that's really not the way you usually play Dishonored. I mean, it's using the tools provided to you by the game in a creative manner, shifting it from a stealth-oriented experience into a resource-based action experience. How is that any different from the movement applications provided to you by Gravity Rush or other 3D platformers?
I'd say this is way more freeform than any of those.

| >>625669
I mean, I don't know shit about Gravity Rush, but, yeah. I just find it really hard to describe the thing I'm looking for. Sorry.

| >>625672 maybe it has something to do with genre? You seem to favor platformers or just highly movement based games in general, also physics were a big point, so Half-Life and BOTW, right?
Would be helpful if you gave your general game preferences so the search area would be more organized.

| >>625674
Yeah. Half-Life and BotW are great examples. I think the reason I use platformers as examples is because some of them, like Mario games and Smash have a lot of stuff with hitboxes and weird frames on certain moves, tight hit detection and all that shit, which you can exploit and use to your advantage to pull off some insane stuff.

Is that enough, like, sepcifility?

| Specificality

| >>625687 which is why I find it so perplexing that you're not into traditional fgs, those seem like the perfect genre for you, but I get it at the same time since I'm a little bitch in any one I try.
Can't really think up anything else right now but maybe it'll pop.

| >>625716
Tf is a traditional fag?

| >>625721 y'know, 2 or 2.5 D fighting games, mostly neutral based, so Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Samurai Shodown and the like.
Although a traditional fag can also be interpreted as tobbaco in a special cigar-rolling leaf or a newspaper if the former is lacking.

| >>625726
Huh. That's interesting.

But, yeah, I mean, the reason I don't think those are "sick" is because every combo is basically premade by the game, and there is no interaction with anything other than the other player character. The reason platform fighters are sick and normal ones aren't is because they usually just have single moves with some combo potential, so you make your own combos and can use the moves very creatively, and there is also interaction with the stage.

| >>625733 yeah, I can see that.
I do have a suggestion doe.
Lethal League is a funky little title, it's sort of a party game like Smash but your interactions are all centered around a ball, essentially it's a game of dodgeball but with fg principles applied. You have simple but varied tools of interaction with the ball with some character specific stuff to spice it up and your goal is to hit other players with the ball, except every time you hit it, it gets increasingly faster.

| And I, uh, know this might sound weird but - Jedi Academy with Movie Battles 2 is really sick. It has by far the greatest and most unshackled lighsaber dueling of all SW games and it can allow you to do some really sick shit if you master it. The community can be a bitch though.

| >>625748
Yeah! Lethal League is sick! That's a great example of what I'm talking about.

Huh, well, yeah, that does sound weird, and doesn't really sound like what I'm describing. I'll check it out though.

| >>625770 Wait lethal league is sick for you? As you say “you play it in the intended way”. You can jump, hit, special , change directions, is there really that much variations and freedom? I am not saying the game is bad, it's fun as heck when every hit is like making a black hole trying to shadow realm your adversary.

| >>625842
I haven't played it, but just from the base shit I know it looks like it could be pretty sick. I don't really know if it is, but it definitely has the potential in my opinion. Like, it looks like if you worked together you could pull off some insane shit, but again, I don't know.

| op, i've never played it but Duck Game might have what you want

| also, the kind of sickness you're thinking about is loosely connected to something called emergent systems. it's usually used to describe the way special skills interact, though, not movement/combat mechanics.

| >>625956
Huh, yeah, maybe. I might have to research that.

| Rythmn games like Osu and T-Aiko, Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Touhou...
Saints Row IV, GTA SA and GTA V Vanilla, with cheats and with mods, last two options may be considered game breaking but cheats are already intregated.
More... Speedrunning glitchless, Mario 3D games and Sonic 3D (specially boost) games can make you feel like a god.
Terraria gives you a lot of destructive power.
Minecraft pvp can be crazy.

| Rythmn games like Osu and T-Aiko, Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Touhou...
Saints Row IV, GTA SA and GTA V Vanilla, with cheats and with mods, last two options may be considered game breaking but cheats are already intregated.
More... Speedrunning glitchless, Mario 3D games and Sonic 3D (specially boost) games can make you feel like a god.
Terraria gives you a lot of destructive power.
Minecraft pvp can be crazy.

| >>626294
I give up...

| Why dont you play Tekken

| ?

| OP isn't looking for games that make you feel powerful or that have lots of mechanics. They're talking about mechanical depth, the interactions between mechanics which create non-programmed interactions.

OP, you might want to try some pvp strategy games. They're not really 'sick', although some are really tactically dense, but a lot of them have large scale, expressive actions based on singular unit interactions.

| >>626868
Dwarf fortress.

| Souls games?
Once you've finished the game once or twice and know all of the items and effects and what not.

You can do some crazy stuff with the right item/weapon/stats combinations. Not really flashy visually but flashy in terms of damage numbers.

| >>626868
Thank you, but also, when you perfectly described what I'm looking for, why do you recommend something so opposite?

I love the Souls games, don't get me wrong, but they're not sick. Those are all very much intended things and doesn't require you to do crazy stuff and abuse mechanics. What you're describing is literally just playing the game.

| Only thing i can think of is splitgate, fps with simple mechanics and some portals. I dont know if you like the portals being intended to be used, but it is there. Also, rocket league maybe? Simple moveset, sick moves, shitty publisher.

| >>626909
Portals in games can set up for some really sick stuff if the game has decent physics and stuff. I'll check it out.

| Have you heard of Risk of Rain 2?
It's pretty fucking sick, dunno if it's what you're looking for because you can only get so good at the game and getting far in it relies more on knowledge than actual skill but...

It's fucking awesome, with the right item combinations you can become godly and it's all just very satisfying.

| >>626936
Rng also lots of rng

| >>626936 you can stack energy drinks to break light speed.
Unquestionable 10/10 OP, you won't regret it

| I feel like you misjudge non-platform fightans. Many beginners feel like you need to hop into training mode and practice combos but that is in actuality about the worst way to start. Comboing should come naturally later.

Monster Hunter is very sick imo. Of course some weapons are lamer than others, but there are few things I know that are sicker than playing hammer well. I think the older ones are cooler, primarily because you can make sick builds right away.

| "older ones" may have been the wrong word for it, I just mean anything except World, although I don't think world is that bad a game either.

| >>626955
I don't think normal fighters are bad. I actually quite enjoy them, but why can't people just read what I say? I don't want to have to explain the same things over and over.

| >>626886 I recommended something so opposite because the way 'sickness' happens is the same way strategy happens, it's just a different type of interaction being combined. So while it is very different, you may find your niche filled in a way.

| >>626886 I recommended something so opposite because the way 'sickness' happens is the same way strategy happens, it's just a different type of interaction being combined. So while it is very different, you may find your niche filled in a way.

| >>627537
I play a fair bit of Strategy games, and it's not what I'm looking for at all.

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