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sell the fire emblem series to me


| sell the reason why I should sell the fire emblem series to you

| What if chess makes you horny

| >>609632 I draw anime porn

| >>609634
Pretty much this, yeah.

On a more serious note, it's just top-notch tactical RPG gameplay (one of the best in the genre, although there's not much competition left) with interesting characters (not all of them) and compelling story (not always) accompanied by an amazing soundtrack (always).

| Eh, I only played a few Fire Emblems, so feel free to disregard my opinion.

The appeal for some people is the perma death, making the game harder than most SRPG and force people to be more cautious.

Another camp like the game because of the waifus/husbando. Stengthened with events and dialogs with characters + marriage system.

| If you ask me, honestly, I'd rather play disgaea as (mechanic wise) it is the ultimate SRPG that allows you to do crazy stuff like lifting allies/enemies, capturing enemies, and dealing millions of damage.

If you don't like how disgaea's story is far from serious, then go play Devil Survivor. Bonus point for Devil Survivor because it also has dialog system that influences the story.

| If you want to be sold on it you’re already sold on it

| give me 5$

| >>609688 there is competition, they are not as suscesful as Fire Emblem thanks to Smash promoting FE, but they are there and have definetly more content and more feeling of Infinite game (like any turn-base game should have) and even having multiplayer

| I miss the old Tactics Ogre for gba. Converting enemies to fight by your side mid battle is such a fun gimmick

| A thing I like about FE over, say, Disgaea, is how it works with clear Small Numbers. You can calculate exactly how much damage an attack can do, and do some simple statistic to work with the Hit/Dodge estimate. Disgaea is just too overwhelming for precise calculation.

Infinite or multiplayer turn-based game aren't really a plus for me, but c'mon, you can't just make that claim without mentioning a game or two.

| I will never sell you my fire emblem games!!! They are some of my favorites, especially the gba ones. The story, art and gameplay are amazing.

| >>609924 i'll break into ur house and take them while you go to ur 9to5 cubicle job heheh

| >>609634 I understood that reference.

| Fire Emblem is worth playing for the cast of discernable playable characters. Your milage may vary, depending on what you look for in gameplay. Some are challenging, others are designed for casual players.

I don't recommend playing for the story though. They're fine for simple heroic fantasy plots but not grounded morally ambiguous stories. Three Houses tried the latter and I thought it could've done better.

| >>609943
"Story" has such a wide meaning now. Yeah, the basic plot of each game is pretty simple, and they're definitely not aiming for anything groundsbreaking. But, like, narratively, they're very well made for what they're aiming for.

There's also something in how the game is structured that encourage you to build a narrative of your own i.e. who's ace, who's forgotten, who ends up with who. Everyone has a clear, somewhat exaggerated, personality to make this easier.

| I will sell you Fire Emblem. $3 and ur toes plz.

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