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Cosy games for my uni break?

| Currently on uni break for a few months. Been playing heaaaps of games and just wanna get really invested in a story/gameplay/environment.

Currently I've been playing Division 2 (strange to say but it feels pretty cosy walking around abandoned areas and taking the atmosphere in), lots of Pokemon Sword, bit of Jackbox and a bit of the new Professor Layton game (puzzle/story game)

Any ideas?

| Banished

| You've tried Disco Elysium yet?

| Go grab some Monster Hunter action, cute lil anon.

| Subnautica? But you should play it blind without looking stuff up online.

Also check out Divinity: Original Sin 2

| I recomend Slime Rancher. Its basically anti-depression simulator and all the slimes are super cute!

| OP here.

>>609098 DS for Death Stranding or Dark Souls? I was checking out Code Vein earlier today and it doesn't look that bad. Probably should have mentioned I'm a PC player D:

>>609154 My friend was telling me about that. He was going on about all the stupid decisions you can make. Seems interesting and looks like Pillars of Eternity (couldn't get into that though). Got any more info? :o

>>609168 Had it on the Switch and 3DS. Could never finish the campaign though :((

| >>609183 I've only ever heard of Subnautica. I'll look at the store page later today. And I've only seen Divinity on the store, don't even really know what it is. I'll check that one out too :)

>>609204 I've actually tried this but I just can't get into it. I tried Stardew Valley too but I just couldn't get comfortable enough. Sucks that all I read online is how those games are the best for relaxing but they do nothing for me :((

| I started Tales of Berseria again today (got maybe half way through last time?) because I remembered how likeable the characters were and was reminiscing about the story.

Maybe I'm just picky? Or my idea of cosy isn't the average idea?

| I find many RPGs to be comfy, a recent good one is Pathfinder Kingmaker. It can get stressful during the crisis periods at the end of each chapter, but besides that it's a nice trek with a character creation and builder that managed to make my cock hard even after I played Neverwinter Nights and pretty much every other CRPG on the market

| Disco Elysium is a western RPG without any battles. You play as a detective, and the traits you pick up become sorta like characters speaking in your head, convincing you to do things. It's kinda bleak but also really funny in a dark millennial Eastern European way?

The only thing it got the same with Pillar of Eternity is the top-down perspective I think.

I don't gel with Stardew Valley either, op. Don't feek bad about it.

| OP here.

>>609269 It actually looks pretty good. Environments seem amazing too. I read reviews and it looks like lots of people are on the fence about it being buggy/major difficulty spikes. I'd be super new to this sort of thing so would I struggle terribly?

>>609308 I'll have to check out Disco some more then. Talking about PoE makes me want to try it again but I never properly understood the combat system :")

| Any intense sex filled eroge game is always a cosy time.

| My chill game right now is Hat in Time.
It's a solid platformer.

If you're looking for a hidden masterpiece, give FURI a shot.

Monster Hunter is another amazing game, and World is really good and beginner friendly

| >>609314 Pathfinder can be daunting on higher difficulties, but starting off on easy or even story will give you more than enough breathing room. The one thing you might have trouble with is all the technical terms, but the game has a dictionary for all of those, and once you learn them it'll make playing other D&D derived games a lot easier.

| OP here.

>>609321 Hell yeah. Time to get cosy with wolf girl again>.>

>>609337 I loved Hat in Time! Bought it during its release week and convinced my friend to too>:) Also, that's two votes for MHW. I heard that a new DLC is coming to PC soon too..

>>609353 I've actually got my own D&D set: "Betrayal at Baldur's Gate" so my D&D knowledge is probably 1% more than the average person (I'm bad at playing it but it's fun). I researched a bit and it looks heaps like PoE!

| For some reason I find Smash to be very chill. Like, I can just turn my brain off and play it for quite a while. Final Fantasy VII is really good if you want story and not just gameplay. The world is great, the characters are good and the story is really, really good. The gameplay is just good ol' FF gameplay, and it's great.

| >>609388
While we're on the topic of Final Fantasy, FF IX is arguably even cozier, it's probably my favorite entry in the series. Save for maybe XIV, but that's an MMO and doesn't count. FF XV also gives a great feel of a road trip with your boys band homies, despite a couple downer moments.

| >>609391
Yeah, true. IX is definitely cozier. VII is pretty chill too though.

| >>609257 I had fun in Code Vein. Would recommend. Good luck op, hope you achieve the ultimate comf over your break!

| For getting invested in a story, I suggest the Ace Attorney Series (plus AA Investigations 1, 2, and the DGS series), or To The Moon, for which game number 3 is coming out next year.

For getting invested in gameplay, I personally play both TF2 games, because both feel very satisfying as a first person shooter. If that's not your thing, I also recommend Ys VIII on the Switch, which also feels good.

For a good environment, maybe try Valley, Trails in the Sky, or Grim Dawn.

| >>609410
Trails in the Sky was, like, *really* good for a first couple of hours, but eventually got so boring I could barely keep playing. A bit of a shame, that.

| whats your switch id? lets trade in sword! Also check out starbound if you like terraria, or check out the talos principle if you like puzzle games.

| You should definitely play Hyper Light Drifter if you haven't already. The story is mysterious, gameplay rewards exploring & the world is just beautiful once you take a proper look around the big places. It's also full of little details. It's pixelart, and that alone is at times the main reason why people don't want to play it. Trust me, it looks gorgeous.

Another game in that vein would be Transistor. Also very great game, and also not pixelart

I got really immersed in both

| Celeste is a hard to master, jet rewarding and easy to get into Plattformer journey.

Just shapes & beats is a great game if you like the music

Shovel Knight & it's Dlcs are a must play. Nuff said.

Katana zero is a great storybased hack-n-slash-ish? Game with a great setting

Terraria is a great time waster if you are into it. Exploring and fighting are the games best qualities, though building is also quite nice

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