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Do you ever come back to a game you haven't played in ages and suddenly you're way better at it?

| I haven't touched Hollow Knight in months, but then I played it today and I beat two bosses I used to have trouble with in less than three tries.

| Osu

| ^

| Some shoot em ups.

| I returned to some N64 games. With newly acquired gaming skills, they were much easier to beat

| I remember not being able to hit the broad side of a barn in MK9 but after leaving the game to steam for a couple of months and coming back to it, I was actually able to press 3 buttons on a consistent basis. Doesn't look like that skill carried over because I'm getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter in MK11.

| >>608635 ^

| Nah, I recently replayed pacman world game I played as a kid because I never beat it. I still suck at it and I've been thinking that this game must have been designed by sadists who want children to have nightmares.

| That happened to me with Dark Souls. Likely because I got accustomed to the souls formula and I was fresh off of Nioh at the time.

| Funny, for me it's actually the opposite. When I was little I used to be a fucking monster at games, but now when I pick up a game from my childhood I'm way less good than I used to be because I try to approach things more logically. My autism levels decreased over time I guess

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This thread is permanently archived