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Wireless local play on Nintendo Switch sucks or is it just me?

| I tried Smash with a friend, we were like 1.5 meters away and the game was even worst than it is playing Online.
Is this problem bond just to Smash?
Are there any ways to enhance this connection method?

| ??? I haven't had latency that bad. Maybe your wireless is unreliable?

| Pretty sure it's just you op?

Make sure there's nothing between your controlller and the switch. I had a problem when my joycon is pointing backwards when I click it, but otherwise it works from like 4 meters away.

I haven't played Smash Bros though.

| Yeah, playing with my friend we had similar issues. It was weird they seemed to just come and go 100% normal one minute, massive stutter the next. We had this issue with Smash specifically as well. I haven't used the switch for wireless on any other games though. Maybe its just a smash thing.

We thought that maybe having both switches charging and at full battery would help, not sure though

| Anyone has tried wireless play while both consoles are connected to a same network (router for instance)? Does it improve the experience?

| >Switch
Well, duh

| >>608294
Yeah, that was my experience, it didn't seem to have any affect.

| Anything that has to do with internet and Smash Ultimate doesn't work. It just doesn't work. Online arena in Smash with a couple friends works mostly fine for me, but there's a reason why I've got, like, 60+ hours of normal local play and, like, 15 hours of online. Smash just doesn't work online, no matter what kind of online it is. Playing on the same console is the only real way to play it.

| It does suck, if someone stands in between the two switches it already starts lagging

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This thread is permanently archived