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Listen up normie who play VA-11 Hall-A

| I will let you know I am a professional bartender who take notes.

Donovan-Augmented Eye-(1-Big Beer,prefer)(2-Marsblast)
Sei-White Knight-
(First-small,sweet,icy(blue fairy))(2-classy)(prefer small drinks?)
Kim-boss take her to bar-(First-Piano man)(2-Brandtini)
(First-Piano Woman ,prefer)(2-Moonblast)(3-Big sunshine cloud)(blue fairies)
Jamie-John's friend-(first-gut punch)(2-Marsblast)(prefer gut punch)

| *Kira*Miki-Idol-(First-Tea)(2-soft)(3-bitter)
Alma-Titty Hacker-(First-bad touch,heh)(2-weird)(prefer Brandtini)
Stella-Cat-(first-Piano woman)(2-Piano man)
Deal-work lilim-(prefer small drink?)(First-beer)
Streaming-chan/streamer/(first-nasty)(2-A big bad touch,heh)(3-drunk)

| Just to let you know, okay thank you. I am professional, I know what what I said. Bye. Good night. Is safe to proceed now.

| Guess what miss profesional. I pay attention and get to know them, so I don't need to take notes.

| >>607958 Oh yeah? Did John fuck?

| >>607958 Most importantly who did he fuck!?

| >>607998 excuse you his name is fuckboy

| At some point I remembered the recipe for each drinks. By the way, if you feed Donovan a small beer at first, he'll pay for it and ask for a big beer "suitable for a man like me" and you'll get more money that way. The more you know.

| >>607998 Yes.
Considering that Dana
likes to spread "alternative facts", and that Alma likes to screw around with Jill just as much as with Fuckboy, I would say it was Alma.

Hell, the whole message of the game is about trust and truth, and I don't trust those three to tell Jill the truth about that.

| >>608101 Alma like to screw with everyone, she even screw up dorothy with her “alice rabbit skill”. While Jamie is gay for John and John has possibly met him in Hong Kong riot. While some say that he fucked *Kira Miki* the only truth is that Epstein didn't kill himself.

And Sei is best g/u/rl

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