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Dangit I want to buy Pokemon Sword/Shield

| Everyone's playing it and it looks great and it seems like exactly the nice chill but not too mindless game I need right now.

But it's 60 dollars! Why is it frickin 60 american dollars! I just got Breath of the Wild last month, dangit Nintendo, do I look like I can shell out 60 usd every month??

| Why not play/replay older pokemon games? Really, if you can't afford 60$ every a month or two, you shouldn't be looking at recently released games.

| If you're above 9 in USA, you should easily be able to shell 60 fucking dollars. And if you're experiencing financial problems, then why the shit are you buying gaming consoles in the first place?

| >>607621
I'm not from the US! Is 60 USD that easy to get in America?

I'm financially doing pretty OK! But I can't just thoughtlessly throw around 60 bucks, you know.

Oh yes, I've been doing that, but damn the new game looks amazing though!

| >>607664 I'm not either, but I know that type of stuff. Also, aren't there regional prices in Nintendo's E-shop? I remember being able to even switch between regions freely.

| >>607664 good, then play the older games or distract yourself with persona/smt games.

Like I said, if you can't spare 60$ every one or two months, you should not look at new game trailers/review/gameplay.

The game will still be there in two years, and you'll most likely still be alive. And maybe the price will drop by then. Those two years can be used to save up some money.

Then again, buying a switch might not be a good idea to begin with.

| >>607664

Well, the lowest minimum wage you can make is around $6-7 USD per hour, unless you're a waitstaff in which case it's like $3, but most people old enough to legally get a job (around 16) will likely be put on part time hours, so anywhere from 20-30 hours a week, and a lot of places pay you biweekly instead of per week, so that's about 240 every two weeks.

But these same people also need that money for things like gas, food, car insurance, and other bills, so they sometimes work more than one job, and sometimes, more than two. So if they *really* have a gaming habit, they might save up for a bit and then grab a game and stay with it for as long as possible to save money, or hit sales exclusively.

But even then, when they're making that much, buying video games is at the bottom of their priority list... if they're smart and don't have a death wish.

| Point is, if money is so tight for you probably shouldn't worry about spending 60 usd a month, and in fact, probably shouldn't.

Not like you *need* to either, the games aren't going to vanish anytime soon.

| Fuck pokemon. Fucking nintendo manchildren.

| >>607618 buy it on cdkeys or any page like that I got it for 30€, I got luckly but it is usually at 45, also some stores sell games cheaper on release

| Can't believe my drunk midnight rant is getting this much attention. Don't worry g/u/rls, I'm not dumb. I'll probably get it way later.

I'm not one for hyping new games at all, and I definitely wasn't planning on getting in the SwSh hype train. It's just that everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with it, y'know. Good for them!

Huh, that's interesting. Thanks for the insight.

Cdkeys sells eshop games? Places like that feel too shady though.

| >>607813 you should not have mentioned how you were drunk posting, now evergurl and their mother will yell at you for having enough money for booze, but not for 60$ game every month.

| >>607665
You loose all these sweet gold coins if you switch region
Sometimes g2a offers a good price for switch games as well

| >>d550fc
Bro, what? Most normal people that aren't full-time working adults don't have $60 to just throw around, even in the US. Fuck off with that.

| >>607868 maybe you're just shit with finances. Don't wanna presume, but seriously, 60$ is not that much considering how much you get out of it. A fucking movie ticket in the US is 9$ or so, and you get an hour and a half or two hours at most of entertainment. You can't tell me that paying for an RPG which will last you 30 hours at the very least isn't a fucking steal.

| Just hack your switch and pirate the game smh you pussies

| >>607877
I don't understand why you assume everyone that's not you is from the US. I'm not. I'm from Norway, and while Norway is a rich country, everything here is really expensive. So it's either no food and shit for 2-3 weeks straight or a $60 game. I'm still in school, so I barely earn anything. I also very, very rarely go to the cinema because of how much it costs. It's $13 here, so fuck that.

| >>607904 because that's the international equivalent of a default country. "A melting pot" as it is lovingly called by everyone outside of that broth of shit. Also, again, aren't regional prices a thing in Norway? Can't imagine it'd cost that much with it in the equation.
Oh and what the fuck kinda cinemas do you have there for the tickets to cost that damn much? Is there some kinda universal tax for existing in Norway?

| >>607912
There basically is, yeah. The government taxes 25% of more or less everything. There's also the fact that since people in Norway earn a lot of money compared to other countries, companies charge a lot. The cinemas here are probably worse or equal to most American ones, it's just that everything costs so much here.

| >>607916 Jesus Christ, that's one way to pay for all that health care.

| >>607930
Yee. The health care and country in general is amazing. I get therapy basically for free, hospital visits are cheap and effective, we have systems in place to help people who aren't doing well get education, get jobs, get funds and help to get out of their bad situation. We've got a lot of good stuff, but it's literally taxing.

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