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Eng vn recommendation

| Preferably one with imouto route.
but all are welcome :)
>H is also fine hue hue

| Except anything on vita unless i can emulate it

| >>607091 if only there were H on vita...

| Err ahem...
There's katawa shoujo
But there's no imouto
Sorry bro

Disclaimer, g/u/rls can be bros.

| Not sure of you heard of this, but, check out "VA-11 HA-ll A". It is an english visual novel.

| >>607100 yes i have read that. ty anyway
>>607101 i think i saw every text possible at this point. Might miss some when drinking with boss tho

| Ok lemme see if I still got that list. All of these are free, btw.

SC2VN (linear, short-ish):

The Elevator (short, linear):

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car (short, linear):

Save the Date (very clever):

Cinderella Phenomenon (otome):


| Everything by Zephyo (short VNs):

Freak-Quency (like Persona without the battles)

If you dig Freak-Quency, it has a spiritual sequel called Amplitude but it's not free:


| Ayy here's some I forgot about:

don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story

RE: Alistair++ (short otome)

Paid recs (search them on Steam):

- Tangle Tower (ok technically this is more point-n-click adv than vn but I want to shill it hard)

- Analogue: A Hate Story + Hate Plus

- An Octave Higher

| Everlasting Summer (Love, Money and Rock-and-Roll is coming out soon from same devs)


https://youtu.be/gDhT4TRTufo this one sseth recommends and is nice enough to provide a download link in the info...

Do you mean by English(speaking) devs, or anything in English?

| >>607138 sorry for being vague. i don't really care even if the game is fan translate all i care is the texts to be English cuz i can't read imperial islander moonrunes.

i will look into it if there is anything that interest me. feel free to post more. but yeah, as i say >Preferably one with imouto route

| Fate lmao

| Symphonic Rain.
I really think it doesn't get the attention it deserves. The story's got a good twist. The music's relaxing. There's a mini rhythm game too. I guess the art's not for everyone, but overall I loved it.

| Try Doki-Doki literature club! Dont let the cute art fool you because theres more than meets the eye :)

| >>607348 :)

| Sekien no Inganock is fucking beautiful and everyone should play it, IMO. As long as you're okay with some pretty heavy themes and some (arguably questionable) H-scenes.

| Fault milestone

| Everyone should check out "ai the somnium files" its a great visual novel with 3d well done graphics instead of just images. The story is interesting and it was made by the people behind 999. The protagonist is very likable and i just wish more people tried it. It's really good.

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