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Anyone playing Dragon Quest 11?

| I'm really enjoying the game so far I'm at the second half. My only issue is the music still honestly. There's just so little of it but at least it's not MIDI anymore. Erik best char btw.

| Nah. It looks awesome though.

| I fucking wish I was, but my PC can't handle 1080p60 even on lowest settings, apparently. And on lowest it looks like complete shit anyway.

| >>601679
Doesn't DQ11 have a thing where you can play the entire game in 2D?

| >>601687
That's definitive edition which is only on the switch right now.

| >>601695 3DS too

| >>601695
Oh, my mistake.

| >>601762 Wrong, it is not the definitive edition, and it is only in JP language.

| >>601836 I never said it was definitive edition and I have no problem with the game being in Japanese.

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This thread is permanently archived