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What games are you looking forward to?

| What games are you all looking forward to?


| Animal Crossing

| spelunky 2. shits supposed to release in 2019. cant wait to whip my friends into a pit of lava

| Disco Elysium is releasing this month and I have no idea if I'm ready. I've been waiting for thia for over a year, but I just got a Switch and I don't know of I can sit in front of a PC to game ever again.

The game looks hella fine too

| King of Cards, whenever that finally drops.

| Cold steel 3

| No More Heroes 3!!!

| Persona 5 Royal

| Project Diva Mega 39! Can't wait.

| I want the damn king Knight campaign to release already, also the cyber game made by the same Devs looks cool.

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This thread is permanently archived