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Is it worth it to save some cash and wait till Borderlands 3 is on sale?

| I'm kinda getting a bit impatient on getting this game. The gameplay looks so good amd I just wamt to get my hands on it, but I am kinda occupied by other games. So I'm having troubly whether I should wait or not.

| Wait and your time will shoot white liquid.

| I'd suggesteplaying borderlands 2 if you haven't already, and if you have then replay it with a different character

| Ya just wait cause the dlc is gonna cost a grip

| Ah right, forgot about dlc. Well guess im waiting.

| > Is it worth it to save some cash
> Borderlands 3

| I only heard bad things of thing game

| >>600188 to be fair I didn't even heard a thing of the game since its release. Just a noisy exclusivity fly before release and that's it

| We got the game for my brother since it launched on his birthday.. hes liking the story a lot, but he said that he wishes we would have waited til it was on sale.. he said theres a lot of bugs and shit that need to be worked out in the game. He said hes still overall enjoying it, but that he would've waited.

| Wait until Trump closes the borders, then it is worth it.

| waiting for it to get cracked

| you'll ask the same question for borderland 4

| Okay, I will say this now; is it worth it to buy Borderlands 3 now? No, not really, unless you're a livestreamer. I would suggest saving up until the DLCs release, and then buying it. As stated by >>e8741d the game is rife with bugs and issues, and from what I understand, the story is pretty weak sauce compared to the previous games. That said, Easter Eggs are good, the game feels great mechanically, and it adds a new layer for streaming.
If you stream, buy. If not, wait.

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This thread is permanently archived