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Didn't check the Sukeban twitter in a while. Some stuff you might have missed

| https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EDxGirKU0AE8w2E.jpg

After a quick OCR translation ("あの映画のシー ンを再現したいのかな?" don't have the time to fix wrong characters), seems like Olivia is asking Sam about recreating a film scene.

I really like the idea of Sam's emote answers affecting the dialogue.


>Remember g/u/rls, check the media from time to time.

| どうも~

| Why do we have more japanese leaks than the english version.

Also I don't need spoilers because I already know the game is gonna be great. Wake me up when it got released.

| Not really a leak. They posted it in their Twitter.

As for the japanese, they presented a demo in the Tokyo Game Show from last year, so it's either that they couldn't show it there, ir they don't want to spoil the game yet, so everything has to be in a languague we can't read.

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This thread is permanently archived