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Va-11 Hall-a

| This is a little embarrassing to admit but I've never played the game before. I found this app in the play store a year or so ago and liked the idea of the anonymous threads, so I've been using it since. Recently though I've been wanting to play the game. Where can I actually download the game to play and how much is it?

| First of all, there are many more anon boards you can find, although I suppose few come in the form of apps.
Second, you can find it on Steam for 15$. Be sure to grab a blanket to snuggle when you play.

| >>595633 Steam. It doesn't cost much but I can't tell the exact number because Steam has different prices for regions. Also, I really hope you'll enjoy it!

| Cool beans, thanks guys! :) the art looks really cool and I've heard good things about the game, so I wanted to check it out since I've been using this app for a little while.

| >>595643
Enjoy! The game is really, really good. The characters are varied and fun, the dialogue is very entertaining and the story is really cool. The atmosphere is extremely cosy, and the little gameplay it has is unique and makes the pacing of the game feel really good.

| >>595633 Weird seeing someone who's never played the game on this board, have fun with the game! Get cozy grab a blanket and some snacks

| >>595633
Go play the game and enjoy the experience, friend!

| Ps vita/Switch are the better way to play Va-11 Hall-a.

>>595732 It's not that weird considering how the app appeared in everyone's main App Store page and how many people came because of that 3 years ago. A good portion of Va-11 Hall-a players came from this kind of publicity. True is that most people left Danger/u/ after various incidents and after waves of unsociable people. Also the captcha add-on which is a good demotivation for commenting on threads.

| Nice to learn that the new app still brings new people in, speaking of it, we should try to bring it to the frontpage of app store.

On another note, I've noticed that danger/u/ is listed as an "reddit alternative" in r/redditalternatives' pinned thread.

| Kek. I wonder how many came from that.

| >>596058 I'm pretty sure it was on the main page of the app store when I found the app, so maybe I've been on here longer than I thought if it was featured 3 years ago.. kinda makes me feel worse about waiting this long to play the game lmfao. I get paid today so time to play finally (:


| >>596068 glhf

| >>596058
It's all over, people!
We don't have a prayer.

| Anyone hyped for N1RV Ann-A?

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Best girl's in the title. Can't go wrong with that

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