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Titty streamers did nothing wrong and the fault of loser virgins that they're so popular

| Seriously, I see many idiots outraged how those girls use "unfair" sex appeal to gain viewers while "real gamers" struggle to stay relevant and I just think how those girls are smart by making the most from what they have.

And that's how I was banned from nearly all gaming subreddits

| I'm with you, it's 100% the loser virgins' fault. If they prefer those kind of streams instead of yours, then maybe you're better off without them.

| heaven forbid horny boys throw their money at someone flaunting what they've got

honestly who gives a shit, as long as you're keeping nudity/almost nudity to an actual 18+ stream then why is it a problem

it's just because western society still has a stick firmly shoved up it's ass about sexuality thanks to decades of religion-based brainwashing

| I think, waaaay back when most nerdy things were still "taboo," people used to rage because they assumed that cute/sexy girl cosplayers were "not real fans" and were just sluts trying to get attention from impressionable boys.

While that might have been true for some people, being cute/sexy and liking nerdshit was never mutually exclusive, and especially not now, when all this stuff is mainstream. Indeed- who the fuck cares if streamers, male and female, use their looks to get ahead? Why not?

I'm sure there are plenty of reasons that people have, but none that are really substantial beyond "it offends me" or "i'm jealous."

| I wish I'm a cute and sexy nerd instead of just a nerd

| >>595195 Well, you are half way there. There are people out there who aren't either!

| I don't care if they sell their body/swindle horny nerds for money. I don't even care if their underaged fans give tits streamer money from their parent's credit card.

I am more agitated by how the rules are bent to accomodate thot streamers. Like how twitch refuse to call them "cam girls" even if what they do for donation is basically almost the same thing.

If twitch agrees that their platform is okay with streamers that sell their sexuality, then please go on.

| But instead, twitch is still refusing to admit that they allow such content by pointing at their guidelines. Meanwhile, some male streamers got banned for doing exactly what tits streamers do.

And their bad rep come from their denial of what they are doing. If titty streamer calls themselves titty streamer, and they admit that they are just selling their body/sexuality no one will hate them as much because they are basically camgirl.

| You don't see as much hate directed towards camgirls/pornstars, do you? That's because they are not trying to cover up what they are doing.

This is the same with youtube letsplayers who get a lot of views by being the first at uploading let's play of popular games. Yes, a fraction of the views are there because they are his/her fans, but most of the views comes from the game.

A fraction of twitch tits streamers are there for the "gaming" and "art", most of them is for the clevage

| Why does it matter what they're called? Is "streamer" a holy word that has to be kept pure? I mean, they're streaming

| >>595249 then why is it such a big deal if they are called "camgirl"? I mean, they are girls, in front of the camera, showing their body based on what the donation asks.

It is actually count as harassment if you call titty streamer "camgirl" on twitch.

Yes, normal gameplay streamer and titty streamer both streams, just like how rapelay and minecraft are both video games.

| >>595249 we all know that when someone refers to streamers on twitch, they don't mean the ones that dance in front of camera wearing short short or paint their breasts in front of the camera and call it art...

Thay is why, when you refer to titty streamers, you should be able to be specific. Just like how peopple hate on youtube prank channels without hating on other types of channels.

| Reminder that only the most popular and profitable titty streamers get special treatment, the unpopular ones still get all rules enforced on them

| >>595254 What about the thot who got partnered when she was in the middle of a temporary ban? If she was popular and highly profitable, she would have been partnered long before she was banned.

| >>595250 obviously twitch is trying to cover up for "lowkey softcore porn fetish" lovers by calling out the snitch and outsiders. and since you use taboo terms such as "camgirl" and pressumably "thot" you're obviously a hater and doesn't belong in this closely knit community.

| >>595320 well, if you can read all my posts, all I did was explaining why titty streamers are hated. If calling them "thot" and "camgirls" made me a hater, does that mean OP id also a hater for calling them "titty streamer"?

And how is "being a hater" invalidate my points?

For the record, I have never gone to twitch official stream chat (where they discuss rules) or any tits streamer and call them "camgirl" or "thot".

| >>595320 and why is it okay for a platform to cover up what kind of content they are actually showing?

They should be open about what they allow and not. Plus, if they are actually okay with softcore porn as long as is hidden under the rug; why do they ban games like hunniepop? Why not ban the word "porn game" or "eroge" instead, just like how they ban the word "camgirls" instead of the actual streamers?

| >>595326
So you're saying that titty streamers are hated because twitch didn't enforce their rules? That makes no sense, hating one thing for another. You should hate twitch, not the titty streamers. And then when twitch finally give in and boot out the titty streamers I bet you'd feel so proud huh.

| >>595346 yes, some of the hate is generated from them getting special treatment from twitch. And some of others (like I said) came from their reluctance in being up front about what they do. If they drop the pretense of doing art/dance/game, and just go straight to clevage and skimpy outfits, there won't be as much backlash. But then again, if they do that, they won't ve allowed in twitch.

| >>595346 Oh, don't you worry, I am also blnot a fan of how twitch is being selective at enforcing their rules. People can hate on different things at the same time, you know.

The OP is trying to pitch the idea that titty streamers did nothing wrong; and I am simply explaining the wrong things that they are doing (aka being covert, explotiong twitch selective rule enforcement). I agree that people that give them money are at fault too, but the streamers also share some of the blame

| >>595427 that's not doing anything wrong, that's being smart

| i love sex

| >>595427 It's not the streamer's fault exactly, they appeared and they gained a certain public, wheter it is ethical or not both parts do like it and there is no other streaming option that gives this kind of void. This is like gamble games, most of the society will say it's bad but government won't care to let them advert on kid channels.
Yeah the method is not the right one, but you can't just stream this kind of content on Pornhub because you are not doing porn.

| >>595438 eh, sure, they are smart for smuggling some softcore content to make money. But my points about why people hate them still stand.

>>595449 um... I am pretty sure the last time I visit some porn site without adblock, they are offering some site that hosts actual camgirls stream. There is also chaturbate, which from the name alone, I assume it is a suitable platform from titty streamers.

| >>595449 exactly! If we turn this thread title to gambling in games problems, it becomes

>Lootboxes/microtransactions did nothing wrong, and the fault of loser gamers that they are popular

I also have the same stance in this. I agree that gamers that buy lootbox/microtransactions are at fault for enabling the dev/publishers. But the dev/publishers are also not saints. They share some blame for hiding behind some technical gambling definition to make money from gamblers.

| >>595488 A more accurate translation:

>All those shitty independent H-games did nothing wrong, and the fault of loser gamers that they are popular

Which is obviously true. The thing about lootboxes etc is they're exploitation. These streamers, who are they exploiting, themselves?

| >>595546 Hentai games on steam are a different case with lootboxes and titty streamers. They are all properly tagged with nudity/adult content, they also usually show clevage/revealing anime girls already on the cover/store screenshot. They are not trying to be all age games or randomly inserting nipples in otherwise all age game.

Steam allows any games; as long as it is legal. So those hentai games are not exploiting loopholes and trying to decieve anybody.

| Lootboxes/gacha/microtransaction sexploit people's addiction, they also has been known to intentionally make gameplay become grindier in order to force people paying.

Titty treamers exploit twitch's selective rule enforcement. Trying to cover up how they are selling their sexuality by doing gaming/art on the side.

| People kept saying it is the fault of loser gamers to fall for the bait. Is it also the fault of the student if their teacher seduces them? Twitch is not a platform where such things should occur.

| >>595646 to add to this; no matter if you boy/girl, you can dance to fortnight dance or dance games (like just dance) fine with T-shirt and sweat pants if your intention is to attract viewers with your dance skills/personality.

But these titty streamers have to dance with lowcut shirts, and thight short pants. They are not fooling anybody, the revealing/thight clothes are intentional to get more viewers/donations.

| They are exploiting the fact that they are "gaming" or "doing art" even if the main content/selling point is their sexuality.

| And need for speed is exploiting the art of storytelling to sell cars. Cry me a river. Fat tits sell. Deal with it unless twitch says no.

| >>595680 exactly!

| >>595680 I have never played need for speed, Idk if you mean selling IRL cars like how game/anime are selling character figurine or selling in game cars.

>cry no a river
If you read this thread, then all I did was explaining why titty streamers is hated and why they share some of the blame (because OP put all the blame on the loosers giving them money). I don't get fumed or cry when a titty streamer gets donation lol.

| >>595680
>deal with it unless twitch says no

But twitch does say no lol, check their guidelines. You are not supposed to wear revealing clothes while streaming.

| Tbh I find the word "streaming" rather kinky. Just saying.

| Tbh titty streamers are boring as fuck. When are we going to get a real life Streaming-chan who films herself 24/7?
No, Chipchan doesn't count.

| >>595690 this is like in european public schools, sure girls aren't suppose to wear some "extreme" clothes, but got the balls to be a teacher and tell that to a girl and next day you will be fired.

| >>595715 AI Kizuna counts?

| >>595715 boring? Watching them is like watching a 70s cop show but instead of a hard-boiled detective that doesn't play by the rules and gets away with it you get a busty chick that doesn't play by the rules and gets away with it

| >>00a10a then why have they allowed them to make them so much money? They won't endorse it or denounce it. But they want that paper bb. So accept twitch as softcore cams until they decide not to like money.

| >>595826 I have no idea, but if I can make a "wild" guess, then it is probably because of twitch's internal politics. I mean, they still allows DSP (the guy who accidentally masturbated on stream) stream on twitch. All he does nowadays is becoming a lolcow and angrily beg money to pay for his bill/rent. Spoiler: he doesn't earn that much

So, I don't think it is about how much money you make, it is more about which teitch staff do you know.

| I read half of this thread and it just feels kind of dumb.
In the end the whole situation is bad, Twitch mostly just avoiding following their own rules to avoid backlash imo. But that's probably just me, I agree with >>f9e8c2 most here though appreciate the other arguments even if I don't agree.

| >>595889 how do you accidentally masturbate? I would get it if he accidentally streamed while masturbating.

| >>595953 he thought he ended the stream and then proceed to masturbate in front of the camera.

| >>596004 I'm more concerned about the fact that he finished and stream and immediately decided it was dick pummeling time.

| >>596071 >>596004 >>595953 >>595889

| >>596071 well, there was a female streamer who decided to take off her top after she thought that she finished streaming. Another decided to hide under the desk when she was told that a twitch staff was monitoring her stream. Just find more of this in lifestreamfail reddit

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