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Damned Memeluks ruining my crusade

| It's me, the gurl who plays EU4... One of them, I suppose.

This time, trying to do a Knights into Jerusalem run, without invading Ireland, which is too gamey.

Could do a proper crusade against the meme lady herself, but the reconquest war took too long and the Ottomans atacked when I almost turned the pancake.

Since the strategy required a giant navy, and the reconquest war took 40 years or something like that, everything from Bengazi to Jerusalem was turned into ruins.


| https://imgur.com/a/EVnGEZI


Memeluks sent 30K to siege back Cyprus. Big mistake.

Just won the second war. The Protestant League War started, so I hope the Ottomans don't get any funny ideas.

Rhodes is the true city of world's desire, with 61 Dev, against the 39 of Constantinople.

Would feel a bit more proud if I dind't name the save file "Memeluks pls no bulli"

| Good lord, all the tiny nations to the south are kicking the Memelucks while they are down.

Also, just noticed the PLC, Hungary and Austria are under Von Habsburg rule. Ew.

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This thread is permanently archived