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Astral Chain is SO GOOD

| I just wanted to tell you all here at Danger U that. IF you like action games, you won't want to miss out on Platinum's newest game on Switch.

| I loved every second of that game and I'm going to try to get S+ rank on every level next.

| Oh and a tip for everyone that want to change between male and female MC, go to File 1 and it'll take you through the choice again, you can quit after the bike section and it won't roll back the change.

| >>594367 but I'm not sure if you need to beat the game to do this

| Like action games but I don't like action linear games.

| What is a, "Switch"? Is that a new game console? I don't play video games that much, but Astral Chain sounds like a cool title for a game name.

| >>594385 a Switch, it's the first console than can switch from off to on

| I like Platinum's action games, but Astral Chain's aesthetic really isn't interesting to me. Also heard its a bit meh since it's too linear and its narrative is too blank?

Eh. I might pick it up in a couple of years when/if it's cheaper

| >>594417
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| >>594438
>linear and blank narrative
So just like every other Platinum game?

| I really don't understand what's the problem with linear games that makes everyone hate them.

I mean, as long as it's not FF XIII levels of linear

| >>594466
Fair, but like, I like Bayonetta's and DMC's expressiveness. Astral Chain feels a bit bland by comparison? Dunno, maybe I just don't dig how it look.

Hey, but if you like it, enjoy!

| >>594496
I haven't played it, so idk if I like it. But I have played Bayonetta and DMC, and they are far from open. It's probably just personal preference though. Astral Chain judging by images alone looks kind of boring, but since it's Platinum it's probably good.

| >>594496
Doesn't feel fair at all to compare those.

| I watched someone play through the intro. It seemed way too much like an anime intro. Also, the animations and modeling seemed meh, especially compared to nier.

| >>594886
Comparing games to Nier is unfair.

| >>594892 unfair is not letting people compare. Fair is saying Astral Chain isn't an AAA, and unlike many AAA,it wasn't left in the void. Who knows maybe we are in front of the next Xenoblade or Bayonetta. I'm not atracted to it, I like the concept but I think it's not the right genre; maybe there was too much marketing, but I recognize it wasn't just a game that lived to its hype before release.

| I've liked every platinum games game that I've tried but I'm not so sure about shelling 60 out for this one...

| This thread is a pool of negativity unlike any other, this game wasn't even that much hyped and fucking Nintendo picked the ugliest and most confusing screenshots possible to put on the Eshop but it's a pretty good game and the investigation sections(though few and brief) are a nice change of pace from the usual "fight walk to the next section fight again" formula that games by Platinum usually have.
It is by no means a perfect game but it's not bad at all.

| P.S. I hope that after Daemon X Machina Nintendo goes back to trying different shading and graphic styles, they're going a bit too crazy by putting this strange cell shading on all games with a serious tone lately.

| >>595035
I don't think Nintendo are the ones who give those games their graphics...

| >>595041 oh my mistake, it's just that so many Switch games(published by Nintendo) are getting this style...

| >>595042
That's true, but publishers, especially when they're as big as Nintendo don't work too closely with the developers. At least not to the point where they decide what graphical style they have. I think it's just a style that developers choose since it's not as intensive as realistic graphics and can look really good if done right.

| >>595033 "pool of negativity" meanwhile, at worst people in here are calling it "meh", some gurls simply don't like the genre, and some not a fan of the dev.

sO mUCh NEgAtiViTY!!!

| >>595218
Bro, that's pretty negative.

| >>595218 indifference is way worse than hate, even hate brings curious bystanders but indifference drives everyone away

| >>595244 while I agree that negativity does pique some people's curiosity, I can't say that indifference drives people away. If anything "meh" and "so-so" should be seen as "go check it for yourself". People that got deterred away because of "meh" opinion/reviews were simply weren't interested to begin with.

My point is that no matter if the thread is filled with hate or indifference, you'll still complain about it.

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