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what games do you always come back to?

| I've found that after playing games that have just come out and are quite new i will often just end up going back tova few select games and playing them over everything else
Does anyone else have games like this? If so what games?
Mine are Skyrim, CS and MC

| Skyrim, RuneScape, and payday 2 was on that list for a long time but I don't like the current balance so not anymore, maybe add daggerfall with daggerfall unity it's a really good game and I kind of wish later tes games tried to keep it spirit

| >>594086 osrs or rs3 for runescape?

| MC, CS and RE4.

| >>594087 both actually, eoc is bad and fucking mtx gives me cancer but it's what I had for a long time so I still kind of want to max though it feels like it means less
more recently osrs, I like osrs but I feel like I can't play without runelite's gpu plugin because of how small the render distance is

| Minecraft, Tetris, skyrim, Zelda BoTW, Snowboard Kids 2, Kirby Air Ride, any warriors/musou game and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

| Oh and Pokémon Puzzle League

| NEO Scavenger (Heavilly modded)
Most elder scrolls games
Serious Sam
Counter-Strike 1.6

| Digimon world 2003
The mass effect trilogy
Yu-gi-oh firbidden memories
Hollow knight

| >>594091 I hear ya. If you're ever looking for someone to play osrs with add me, g/u/rl. User is Nymh. I'm on pretty frequently and always looking for people to chat with while Skilling

| Skyrim, and Star Wars the Old Republic the mmo not the actually considered good games its based on. I'm glad I will never truly find out how many hours I've sunk into those games.

| League of legends
Call of duty waw and bo1
Fallout new vegas

| Contra
Striker 1945 plus
Red alert 2
Heroes might and magic 3
Heavily modded Battlefield 2

| Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Legend of Mana
All of the Silent Hill games
Baulders Gate
Dungeon Siege
Gauntlet (I'm glad someone else said it. My bro and I grew up playing this nonstop)

| >>594086
Is Daggerfall worth playing? I'm sure it is but is it enjoyable for most tes fans?
Have only played 3 4 and 5

| >>594247
I forgot to mention Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing as well.

| pokemon emerald

| I forgot to mention Banjo Kazooie in my previous posts

| >>594254 if you play it using daggerfall unity and not dosbox I would say absolutely if you liked Morrowind since it's closest to that game in mechanics, plus it's free!
only thing you need to note is language skills are pretty useless without the archaeologist guild mod, and if you want to use magic get the 3x special advantage

| Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I will literally never get sick of that game. Its 11/10

| Minecraft, Megaman Battle Network (all of them), and Skyrim (but always with new mods)

| CS, Payday 2, DF, COD4(sp), DUSK

| Dark Watch

| Picross 3D and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Mostly the latter.

| Dragon's Dogma, Nethack, Dwarf Fortress

| I just keep playing Warframe tbh.

| In honor of today's date I play The Beatles: Rock Band every year on September ninth

| >>530d89 nice, my brother and I repurchased that game last week and have been playing it a shit ton lately.

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