Suggestions on horrors

| Haven't played a good horror in a long time. Something like amnesia or better yet soma would be nice.

| RE7 is really good.

| Soma is good

| Yeah, done both.

| Dementium: the ward

| >>589148 Don't have the console.

| Darkwood is actually scary. Trust me.

You can also try the Penumbra series if you don't mind older games. They're free to play and is made by the guy that started the Amnesia series.

| >>589318 Done penumbra too. Heard about darkwood. Will get it when on sale and try.

| Fatal Frame. I highly recommend either Fatal Frame 1 or 2 but the whole series is great.

| >>589148 if only they ported them to HD consoles

Yomawari it's pretty interesting, I'm not really into horror games they bore me to hell, anyways I love to explore in these games and it gives me some Resident Evil 1 vibes even though it's 2D Top-Down, and I get points where I know a normal person would feel tense.

| Obligatory have you tried RPG Maker horror games? They're probably different from what you usually play, but are very solid horror.

VGPerson translated a lot of the freeware Japanese ones: http://vgperson.com/games/

| Don't have PS2 for fatal frame, unfortunately.
Yomawari and japanese rpg maker horrors, got it.

| >>589842 >>589678 wait that made me remember about Mogeko Castle and so about the cancelled Mogeko Gaiden and now I'm sad.

| >>589858
Fuck. Mogeko Castle was so good! Mogeko Gaiden would have been awesome. RIP.

| Real life
Most scariest thing I ever played 11/9

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