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VA-11 Background

| Hey there. I'm looking for the pixel art of the Nanocamo app.
Specifically the blue Kira Miki wallpaper. Does someone have the file for that or can link it?
That would look so goddamn awesome as a wallpaper.

| Can't remember what program is used to extract the data.win file, and I am in class so I can't share it.

If no one else does, you will have to wait like, 5 hours.

| >>588659
I tried to decompile with the GM editor, but couldn't get the actual images out of those formatless files. Of course I would love to be spoon fed a dump of the nanocamo wallpapers <3

| Weird. After extracting, there should be a folder name TXTR, and inside, .PNGs of the game graphics.

The thing with the wallpapers is that there are blank spaces where Jill and furniture goes.

| >>588802
Ohhh, I'm a blind moron. Indeed There they are.
>Blank space
Ohh, no.
That's the one. That's the one I long after and it's a cookie cutter image :[

| I combined both the nano camo and the wallpaper image.
It's still mostly missing :S

Does anyone have the original?

| Forgot link:

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This thread is permanently archived