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A Nintendo newbie wants to buy a Switch and needs some help

| I have never owned a console ever and now I've been thinking of buying one for a while. BUT God there's so much content for it now and you know how uni students are with funds
So you can guess that my hands are very unfamiliar with controllers of any kind
Can you g/u/rls recommend a fun beginner-friendly game which could be comfortably played on the go? Maybe with a good story or an emphasis on exploration and such
Not BotW and Skyrim (will buy the 1 and didn't like the 2)

| Crypt of the Necrodancer. Cadence of Hyrule is more beginner friendly though

| if you haven't played it elsewhere, Stardew Valley is a solid pickup and can be played in short bursts. i also highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles (it's the 4th game in the series but you don't need to play any of the others).

| You should check out xenoblade chronicles 2, it's a really good jrpg

| I reccomend Final Fantasy XII and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for a mix of story and exploration.

As for everything else, indies are your best friends for budget pick-up-and-play experiences. I'll keep the list diverse.

-Battle Chef Brigade
-Hyper Light Drifter
-Hollow Knight
-Shovel Knight
-Stardew Valley

| I'd say start with some indies that interest you

| Your gonna make your pocket cry and wish for your death.

| Honestly it all depends on the game genres you prefer. Indies are a good way to start since they don't cost as much.
There are some really good games listed here but I don't think that they are all easy. Stardew valley is nice and relaxing with a lot to explore. Shovel Knight is a must play. Celeste is a tight but challenging platformer.

| I can also recommend Terraria if you want a 2d Minecraft with 5 times as much content. Though I prefer playing it on PC.

| I love > Muse Dash
Yes I'm a weeb...

| Yeah, just listen to the people above. Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Battle Chef Brigade, Celeste, etc.

If you like classic JRPGs and you haven't played it yet, then Final Fantasy VII is on Switch, and an absolutely incredible game.

Resident Evil 4 is also on Switch, and it's one of my personal favourite games. So if you haven't played that either, it's an amazing experience that you literally can't get from any other game. So fucking good.

| OP here
Thanks a lot for all the suggestions! I'll keep them in mind when getting that sweet, sweet summer paycheck and the console lol

| >>588164 muse dash is lotta fun, I actually *cough*freely acquired it*cough* for PC to try out and it's fun! The music is also good, saw a couple of familiar artists here
Didn't know it had a switch version

| I've been a Ninteno fan for a while, and a Fire Emblem fan at that. I'm really enjoying Three Houses if you want a good rpg to play on the go - I'd spend a lot of time playing FE on my 3DS in the past.

| Idk why nobody's mentioned it but mario odyssey is a chill game

| >>588997
I haven't played it, but from what I've seen it's really good.

| >>588997 the most boring and repetitive Mario game (not even NSMB2 is on that level)

Saying it's the most boring doesn't mean it's a boring game, it's pretty good but if you can play any other Mario game before because you are going to have more fun and will play more.

| >>589023
On Switch, Super Mario Maker 2 is probably the best Mario game, at least if you like your games to be challenging. It's fucking amazing. When you find a good, difficult level and play it for an hour or two, sometimes without being able to finish it, it feels really good. Picking back up on a level you almost finished a while ago can be really fun, since you can quickly learn the level again and finish it this time. I'm probably a masochist, but fuck. I love that game.

| >>588997 Mario has nipples in it, that alone makes it the best Nintendo game as of yet.

| Go for good local Co-op games aswell.
Mario kart/party, smash Bros,etc.
Nintendo is probably the best provider for good solid local Co-op stuff.

| >>589269
Agreed. The easy co-op on Switch is amazing. Smash is my favourite game for it with Mario Kart as a close second.

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