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Suggestions on Android Games

| I got a new phone today and i'd like to ask suggestions for android games. Can anybody reccommend? Ty

| cricket

| Downwell, DraStic or PPSSPP.

| You might want to try honkai impact 3. Personally I hate the girls and the controls, but it looks great for sure. Bunch of gatcha games like girls frontline are a fine choice too.

| Stardew Valley, GTA SA, Drastic, Ppsspp, Retrocity Rampage DX, Dolphin, Myboy + MyOldBoy, Mupen64Plus, Reicast, Terraria, Minecraft, Sudokyuu...

| Oh and The Escapists 1&2

| 80 Days
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Plague Inc.
Mini Metro
Sdorica (it's a gacha game but it's genuinely good)

| From non-gacha - out there is great, gets old though, couldn't do more than 1 ending.

| That Gundam game that my phone can't run :(

| Sweet mami 1, sweet mami 2 and sweet mami 3.

Crash fever is good too

| Neko Atsume is a musthave!
In all seriousness tho, BanG Dream is very fun

| Girl's Frontline!

| Cytus and its sequel are both good

| >>587381
funny cause I just got a new pc with an emulator to play mobile games. slightly out of topic question for hardcore mobile gamers in the thread: what do you look in a gaming phone? screen size? battery life?

| Implosion
Wayward Souls
Shadow Blade
Danmaku Unlimited 2&3
Bullet Hell Monday
Galaxy on Fire 2
Stellar Wanderer
Sonic 1 & 2
Fancy Pants Adventures
Meganoid (2017)
Super Bear Adventure
Suzy Cube
Riptide GP Renegade
Run or Die
Candies n' Curses
Final Fantasy Series
Dragon Quest Series
Knights of the Old Republic
Ys Chronicles

| Professor Layton

| There are bunch of emulators out there, go play pokemons on ds emulator or something.

| Gurk 1, 2 & 3

| Fate grand order. A gacha with great story and decent gameplay. Which is quite rare.

| >>587905
Play more different mobile games

| Mobile games aren't real games.

| games aren't real

| Real isn't real

| DeATh Is REaL
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| >>587747 sometimes I forget icey is on mobile, really good game, combat is serviceable but if you enjoy the Stanley parable sort of narrative you'll enjoy this.

Chinese va is better than English haven't heard the Japanese yet since it's new

| If you like arcade games, I highly recommend Tilt to Live 2 and Super Hexagon.

| >>587411 what did the Valkyries ever do to you?

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