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The GIRLS FRONTLINE x VA-11, HALL-A Crossover Has Begun!

| !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| > 99.92%

| Where are jill

| >>586570 in the bar (caffe in your dorm)

| I cannot play the game, I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, stuck on 99.92%

| >>586865

Are you using an emulator or a phone?

If phone, try using a mobile connection for the last .08%

Also check your storage, GFL is very heavy due to high res models and music.

| question.. does ironiclark himself write the bartending part? cause jill sounds awfully in character (and the writing style overall just fits too well)

| >>586865
it's a known bug on their part. they have fixed and apologized for it since like 2 hours ago

| >>586883

I'm going to guess yes. Sukeban x MICA did work on the collab together, after all.

| >>586942
just wondering because sukeban did say that they didn't take any part on the actual event scenario, and the writing style felt completely different outside of the bartending part (they somehow manage to make dana in-character tho. i guess she's just that badass)

| https://twitter.com/GirlsFrontlineE/status/1159116978461659136?s=09

Mica giving away some free stuff to apologize for the download issues.

| >>586883 >>586942 as far as I'm aware no, the people at mica just really put in effort to make it sound right

| >>586944 I just finished the whole thing and I think in the bar girls' frontline universe is leaking into vallhalla and in the combat part vallhalla's universe goes into the girls' frontline one. That means the bar is pretty funny and the combat is pretty fucking depressing, but it makes sense because I feel making a single narrative out of both things from the start wouldn't have worked as well as this thing they've done.
Also screw the last mission. It sucked so hard.

| >>587016 well props to them then because the bartending jill was sassy af

..or at least what i've seen so far. still stuck at the first mission cause i'm a literal noob

| https://twitter.com/IronicLark/status/1158762832965468160

There a go a source for them not writing everything, but from the sounds of it lark might have edited it?

| I just jumped in because of this crossover

| herro peopre, have anyone tried giving the wrong drink? i wish i could retry the bartending sessions to do just that

| >>587172 thank you based anon, even though i never know what that word means!

| >>587461 ah nevermind i'm a motherfucker

| >>587463 i took it back because apparently you can't mess up. but, there was a part at the beginning where you can serve a piano man. what happens if you serve a piano woman instead?

| >>587464 she likes the drink, I'm not sure they actually made much in the way of branching

| Don't forget about 522-320-404-137 t-doll recipe my g/u/rls.
If you don't know, make a doll by this recipe and reload the game.

| Recipe changes to use the original art instead of the are the Chinese government forced them to use for some tdolls fyi

| > Chicken Breast
> Attempt 201
> Sei obtained: no

How is your event going?

| >>587773 404 times for Sei. I wish i was joking. Stella took me 53 tries

| >>c5a6ed cool, I'll take it as being already half-way through.

| >>587777 404 times?! now that is certainly dedication
goodluck heheh

| >>587777 On the one hand I wanted to beat your record of 404 tries, on the other, I am glad that it took only 296 tries after all.

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