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No one will remember me after I die

| And it's a sad feeling.

| >>676493 you won't even remember that you were alive so who cares.

| Your legacy may live on for centuries if you debut as a pornstar now.

| Post your dic pic, that's the only way

| Then you're free to live so you can do the things you want to do, instead of the things other people want you to.

>>676507 agreed

| and? it would be worse if people remembered you because they'd just twist your words, etc.

| >>676523
"Anon E was the best and last lover I'll ever have."
-Prefetcher 2018

| Who cares. I won't remember anyone after I die either. Probably.

| Shit, you guys made some solid points.

| maybe i'll remember you, who knows? say something cool so i can write it down for the future generations to see

| doesnt matter, you wont remember anything or anyone when you die. nothing matters in the end, and that's fine because that also means no mistakes you made matter either. if you want people to remember you, go do something worthwhile or try to make history.

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This thread is permanently archived